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What Else I’m Wearing
Dior Forever Skin Veil
Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint (7)
Gucci Powder Eyebrow Pencil (Auburn)
Colourpop Brow Boss Gel
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Retouch Concealer (210)
Maybelline Lasting Fix Banana Setting Powder
ELF Forever Sunkissed Bronzer
ELF Powder Blush Palette (Light)
Maven Beauty Highlighter (Dripped Out)
Kaleidos Tone Activator
Maven Beauty Liquid Liners
Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star Mascara
Salon Perfect Lash DNA (680)
First 2 Looks
Becca Lipliner (Fearless)
Maven Beauty Lipstick (Buena)
Main Look
Colourpop Lippie Pencil (Cool BFF)
Maven Beauty Lipstick (sus)

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27 replies
  1. Suzy Manville
    Suzy Manville says:

    Switched out on your arm, the first two remind me of UD Heat and Honey. The Chocolate Brown is the only one I'd be interested in, but I'm not there yet.

  2. R
    R says:

    I was so tempted to spend my money on these… But after your review I won't bother. Honestly expected better, more of a wow factor from her. The swatches on the website are pretty but as you showed, look like nothing on the eyes (referring to the shimmers) and I'm a shimmer addict.

    The eye looks are beautiful though and I'm still Sliiiightly tempted.

  3. Mariella Zavala
    Mariella Zavala says:

    The chocolate & caramel palettes ONLY . They remind me of the l.a girl keep it playful collection the ( playmate & fore play ) palettes only ! When I saw the Huda ones I immediately thought of the l.a. girl keep it playful collection.. 🤨

  4. Luba Zak
    Luba Zak says:

    I have the Naughty so I am good. Have other brown pallets as well. I have a lot do something has to WOW me enough to want to de clutter something else.
    A less expensive chocolate brown pallet that I really like is The Chocolates by Juvia’s Place.

  5. Son Pari
    Son Pari says:

    Frankly speaking this looks like this time I will switch for dupes as I can see the pigments are kind of same … This just simply doesn't convince me to their price values ..if I say so to myself

  6. Kylie Lastname
    Kylie Lastname says:

    Hey Morgan, I used the Pat McGrath sale link that you posted and I’ve made three orders but they didn’t charge me for tax on any of them. Is this normal?

  7. Michelle Bernier
    Michelle Bernier says:

    I feel like if you have the warm brown obsession palette she did then you really don't need these. Its seems like most of these colors are in some of her other palettes. I was really wanting to love these but I just not really impressed with the colors, they are all orange and the shimmers are not up to what I think we usually expect from her. These are a pass.

  8. Megan Sullivan
    Megan Sullivan says:

    Tell me if I'm far off into left field. But I've noticed that brands seem to include more topper shades. Sometimes a 1/3 of the 9 pans or 15 pans. Is it just me?

    They are okay. I like the Toffee palette most of the trio. I'm surprised that Huda didn't come out with something more colorful. A mix of neutrals & colors.

    I enjoyed the Nudes trio from last year. Especially the Rich because it really went deep & red.
    The Gemstones are beautiful. I wish she would do more to extend this line.

    The pastels from last year were pretty to look at. But not a lot of fun to work with. My special swirly shades are drying out. It's unfortunate.

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