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In this video, I share the trials and tribulations around getting laser hair removal for the first time. I’ve never been so open and real on youtube, but I want to show y’all the real me moving forward and I hope that’s okay. I especially wanted to share this experience because there is so much misinformation and myths around laser hair removal when it comes to black women, dark skin, and dark or darker-skinned non-black women. I hope this video will dispel those myths and you learn that the laser hair removal process is safe and effective if you go to a reputable business, like Laseraway.


00:00 | Traveling to Get the Service Done
04:43 | Overview of laser hair removal, what to expect, and safety concerns
05:53 | Lip And Chin Laser Hair Removal Process
08:12 | Underarm Laser Hair Removal
09:10 | Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal
09:42 | Final Thoughts + Results A Week After My First Treatment



#laserhairemoval #permanenthairremoval #plussize

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FTC: The laser removal service was provided on a complimentary basis by Laseraway, but these opinions are 100% my honest opinions.

43 replies
  1. accounts clarke
    accounts clarke says:

    So sorry you got lost , I know I would be crying too. I did laser on my chin and didn’t have any air flowing out during the process. It felt like little pin sticks. I have to check that out. Laser was the best decision I made.

  2. Jennifer White
    Jennifer White says:

    I just wanted to reach through the phone during that moment at the subway… being lost is the worst but you made it! Thank you for always being open 🥰😘

  3. Fredrica Singleton Escudero
    Fredrica Singleton Escudero says:

    I have really bad anxiety and I don’t like being lost too. I don’t think I could solo travel…it’s a thing now, but I just can’t. Your experience with laser removal has convinced me to get it done. Your tears were not wasted but counted by God! 🌹

  4. Tamara Stern
    Tamara Stern says:

    This was a great experience. I about fell out at Rufus, the naked mole rat. Lol but for real I feel you with getting lost. I hate it so much especially in NYC where when you ask people they always give you the wrong information all the damn time. I’m always looking up alternate routes just in case because I hate getting lost so I rather be prepared.

  5. Rhonda Alexander
    Rhonda Alexander says:

    I frustrate cry all the time. Lived in NYC my whole life, still need transit apps that tell me which train car to be in for the quickest exit and which staircase to take.

    Listen. I will NEVER shave again.
    Let me get rich, I'm lasering my whole body you hear!
    Coming from a bigger black woman, if you have the money I highly recommend it. No more doing gymnastics to do your bikini/brazilian area. I had like 1 or 2 more sessions before the pan de queso came through.

  6. Shelby Jestice
    Shelby Jestice says:

    I hate that you went through all of that! Getting lost is so scary! I almost got lost a couple of times when I lived in Miami because of my crappy phone. I'm glad you were able to get your treatment done! I wish I would've gotten it done while I was in Miami because a lot of business offered Groupon deals.

  7. Dare Jones
    Dare Jones says:

    Cut up the broccoli, put in a bowl/pot, add hot water, let soak for 10 minutes. Rinse in cool water, let cool and add to your smoothies… soon it would be used up!!!

  8. Just Calitia
    Just Calitia says:

    Being lost SUCKS! I’ve lived in my city for forever and I get lost all the time. I felt that moment deeply.

    I’ve been thinking about trying laser it but I’m scared. What are some of the things you have to do before?

  9. Melissa Boxley
    Melissa Boxley says:

    I have a lot of those moments and I have been living in NYC all my life. So I clearly understood how you was feeling. Just breathe and start over.💕🙏🏾

  10. ccnapoole
    ccnapoole says:

    I'm terrified of getting lost so I know I would have reacted the same way. I'm glad you made it, for some good food and were treated respectfully at your appointment. Now you got me investigating laser hair removal. Thanks for the great content.

  11. Cristina Williams
    Cristina Williams says:

    I remember missing the bus and having a full melt down and called my mom. So I get it being lost is scary especially when your new to the area. Also FYI I always get lost in NYC

  12. C J
    C J says:

    Yeah it tricky New York and Newark and they both have Penn Stations… I have no sense of direction either so I know how you feel.. I hope you have better experience for the rest of your stay

  13. Curls of a CPA
    Curls of a CPA says:

    Being lost is the worst and then being lost while PMSing is traumatic 😩 I’ve been there many a times before and then for the appointment to not happen 😭

  14. NeeNee Brown
    NeeNee Brown says:

    Awwww sis!! I just want to hug you 🤗🤗… I felt every bit of that because I am the same way when I’m lost, I hate being lost and traveling alone. My anxiety gets the best of me and I have to get somewhere quick to pull it together. I’m so sorry that happened to you but I’m happy you were able to regroup and get it done. I was thinking about laser hair removal because I have PCOS and the facial hair is real. I’ve heard mixed reviews on it so I’m happy you did this video. Thank you for this ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Tiyya S
    Tiyya S says:

    Aww, sis!! Sending you hugs! Being lost is scary and anxiety inducing! I hate crying in public too, but I’m glad you got the frustration out so you could process and get to your location safely.

  16. Courtney Fox
    Courtney Fox says:

    Sis, it’s okay. I hate being lost too. You will learn how to navigate those city streets/subways. I scheduled laser hair removal for my underarms and full bikini. Shit is expensive. Keep us up to date. 💕

  17. Faye Berman
    Faye Berman says:

    Oh boy did I feel that frustration crying at the beginning. I used to live in Washington Heights, and I worked in Passaic, so many busses/trains in my life. learning the subway system, didn’t ever get there entirely. Taking the wrong train? Soo annoying/frustrating.

  18. Ciera B
    Ciera B says:

    thank you for your transparency! i HATE being lost as well! terrible feeling!

    this video was right on tiiiime! just scheduled my LaserAway appointment and starting in 2 weeks! so glad i went with LaserAway!

  19. TJ Dorsett
    TJ Dorsett says:

    I felt that anxiety and frustration. Glad you were able to navigate your emotions and get home safely. Also kudos to you for giving it another go later on.❤👏🏿

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