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Permanent Hair removal At Home l Laser Hair Removal At Home in Hindi Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL review l

Hello Friends,
I Have been using this Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL for permanent hair removal for almost 2 years.
In this video I have shared some important info about this IPL (Permament hair removal at home with Laser) with demo.
Incase if you have any questions regarding laser at home or IPL or permanent hair removal at home with laser then please leave your comments or question in the comment section below and will try to answer your ques as soon as possible.
On Nykaa

on nykaa
Braun IPL Silk 5 (the closest I could find in India is here)

VLCC Ayurveda Soothing Aloe Vera Gel
On Amazon
Sorry I Couldn’t find the IPL on nykaa or on amazon so please try to check in an electronic store of you choice.

40 replies
  1. hitting the bull's eye
    hitting the bull's eye says:

    Where can we buy this India, please guide🙏🙏🙏🙏. I looked at amazon and Nykaa, the price is really high there plus its out of stock. Can you please share a genuine link to by this device.

  2. Naveen Sharma
    Naveen Sharma says:

    ये वीडियो था या खिचड़ी? एक तो कितना पकाती हो यार, स्पीड तेज करके देखा तो भी स्लो ही था और edit करके डालती मैडम, फोन भी रिसीव कर लिया। किस्से सुनने के लिए नही आया था मैं।

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