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In this video I show you how to create ombre nails with polygel!
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What’s on my other hand:


Dehydrator & Primer:

KDS Glue:

Top & Base Coat:

Rainbow Polygel:

Clear Polygel:

White polygel (couldn’t find Makartt but here’s a good alternative):

Nail File:

Polygel Brush:

Cuticle oil:

UV Lamp:

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48 replies
  1. MrsBrandi22479
    MrsBrandi22479 says:

    I can't believe ur only 16! Kudos on your talent! Yes, I said "TALENT". Nail artists make a lot of money, especially when they own their own business. Something to think about! I can see you being extremely successful! ❤

  2. Ms Teresa K
    Ms Teresa K says:

    If you were my daughter and created gorgeous nails like this, and bought nail products with your money, I'd be more than ok lol I'd even pay the money to get you certified. A talent like yours is hard to come by in this industry. Cheers.

  3. Billy France
    Billy France says:

    How do you get your Polygel glow in the dark and temperature change polygel not to fall off? No matter how thin or thick they pop off. I use the forms not the tips… please help!

  4. Amy_Beth
    Amy_Beth says:

    Just watching this video and you say you must capsulate ombre with clear polygel. I did my first set of ombre the other day and didn’t do this step and they thankfully came out out. I don’t own a clear poly gel 😞

  5. Harris
    Harris says:

    So you were 16 and this was posted seven months ago! LOL hey it’s OK you’re smart and you’re starting early and doing what you like! Kudos to you! I am about to turn 60! Worked my butt off all my adult life raised two sons, and about three years ago my husband passed away from pancreatic cancer. At first I was devastated and didn’t know why do I wanna do with my life?! Most of my life I really wanted to be a nail tech and a hair designer but I fell into automotive and beginning working for One of the big three auto makers. So now I’m retired and being a nail tech and a cosmetologist is out of the question, due to severe migraine headaches sinus conditions allergies I can’t tolerate nail salons or hair salons with the bleach in the strong nail chemicals. So I quilt, walk the beach, and I’m at at home nail tech with poly gel and gel polishes. I don’t use acrylics or powders/dip systems. I have a sensitivity to them but oddly enough I can do poly gel!! Some gel polishes I’ll have an allergy to so I have to be careful with the cheap stuff! I’m content happy and I love watching YouTube videos And buying on Etsy! LOL

    Thank you for posting and telling all about the products you use how you hombre what type how are you get sprinkles to stick what are the great sprinkles what’s the difference between core sprinkles and and sand type sprinkles how do you do apply your charms etc. also would be really nice if you could do a video if you haven’t already, and the hot trends for maybe the spring and then again for the summer or once a month, About what the hot colors are what the hot nail stickers are the charms etc.! Thank you so much for posting your videos

  6. cesci
    cesci says:

    I’m glad you show your mistakes so we learn a lot more
    Most you tubers just tell you and not show you the process of messing up

  7. Laura Waterhouse
    Laura Waterhouse says:

    WOW, I JUST SAW THAT YOUR 16!! Your ahead of it all. Great job. I watch your video's u do on your sister! U guys have a great relationship. Well, I am new w/ this. I love it but, I get frustrated!!

  8. Tarnia Whiteman
    Tarnia Whiteman says:

    have u really self taught urself!! it’s unreal i’m so jealous i love doin nails done some poly gels with nail forms didn’t last long got some tips to give a go tomoro i’ve been watching ur vids nonstop last few days hope my turn out ok

  9. Agnes Velez
    Agnes Velez says:


    OMG love this video, I just started my channel again lol and your message in this video is so true!! Binge watching you now!! Amazing work ❤️🙏🏼

  10. Card Fan
    Card Fan says:

    Jacob is yesenia I don't feel like being friends with you because you're hurting my feelings why because I don't want to be friends with you it hurts my feelings because you're hurting my feelings you hurt my feelings so bad I you're hurting my feelings because I just feel like like you don't want to be with somebody I do want to be with you why why you hurting my feelings then you never call me babe you ain't even said I love you babe and all that stuff you don't say that my friend I do for you that I know you told me babe like 20 * you said okay babe I sad but you my friend so you're saying that we're not friends we're not friends the other so you want me back why I said why you want me what do you want what do you want tell me what do you want why is that why you want me so bad because you're my girlfriend and I had a dream about you so you had a dream about me and you're still thinking of me because I think about you okay Jacob I get that I get it and I think too so I'm thinking about you because I want to be with you and I love you too so I want to call they don't sell it's just a secret I won't tell nobody just the secret kazoo cover I love you too are you going to borrow those to me I'm sorry sorry for what you better tell me you better apologize to me you're pretty I'm pretty you're calling me cute you're partying and I'm controlling you are you controlling me Warriors just didn't you I've been showing you babe you just call me babe okay Jacob will call you baby see you later see you later alligator

  11. Karina
    Karina says:

    I‘m watching this 5 months later and you talk about having 200 subscribers and now you almost have 100k subscribers. Crazy but I’m so happy for you!

  12. Idali Cintron
    Idali Cintron says:

    I do nails but idk how to do videos or edit it n I'm 18 ik it's kinda bruh but I love doing them but I'm not sure if I should do a channel….What do you think?

  13. renaeè
    renaeè says:

    Ok so I was telling my boyfriend that gradient nails are hard and I wish there was a video and boop yours is first on my recommendation! ❤️

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