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How to Easy Waves for Short to Medium length hair
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What I Used:
Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press
GHD Curve curling iron
GHD Platinum flat iron
Fatboy Texture spray
Redken Diamond Oil
IGK 30,000 Feet

What I’m Wearing:
Small hoops (use BRIANNAFOX for 10% off)
Big hoops (use BRIANNAFOX for 10% off)
Rings (use BRIANNAFOX for 10% off)
Grey cropped shirt

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Camera stuff I use:
Canon 5d mark IV
Canon 24-70mm 2.8 lens
Diva Ring Light-
Lumo Studio Softbox Lights (2) –
Sennheiser MKE600 Microphone-
External Recorder-
The cord to connect recorder to mic-
Canon G7x (vlog camera)-
Edited with Final Cut Pro X

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50 replies
  1. Julie Rondini
    Julie Rondini says:

    So glad I watched this video! This is exactly how I want my hair to look when styled. I just got my long locks cut to mid length and have been struggling to get the style right, so there have been a lot of pony tail days! Can’t wait to try this technique out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. JA G
    JA G says:

    I told my friend to bleach her hair to your hair color.
    She was afraid there would be too much upkeep after getting it that color with the roots.
    Please share how often you have to bleach your outgrowing roots? Cost?

  3. zoieee
    zoieee says:

    You know, I’ve always seen those youtubers that can do waves straight from the curling iron. You’re the first one I’ve seen that runs a straightener after using a curling iron, like me 😅 thanks for the video!!

  4. Angela Holman
    Angela Holman says:

    Great video! How hot is your curling iron when you style it this way? I’m guessing you have it set at the highest temp since you only hold it in there for a few quick seconds?

  5. Kellie Volk
    Kellie Volk says:

    Thankkk you! My hair never looks good when I curl it! I agree, I like it better after sleeping on it! It's pretty thick & always turns out too poofy & looks ridiculous! So I wear my hair straight everrrryday…
    I tried your technique with the curling iron & it has helped a ton!
    I've searched & watched so many hair tutorials that has never helped me personally. But yours & only yours did! Really, thank you❤❤

  6. july zso
    july zso says:

    You are amazing 👏 ❤. Thank you for sharing your techniques with us ! What kind of hair extensions do you recommend? Micro bonds / Keratin or Tape ? Would be lovely if you do a tutorial explaining your experience about extensions if the damageyourhair ,I remembermy sister had long time ago keratin extensions and her hair looked so damageafter ,I never had and seeing the type one you have is so tempting:)

  7. Stephanie Russell
    Stephanie Russell says:

    How do you like the ghd platinum plus?! I’ve seen such mixed reviews, a lot of people seem to love it but then a lot of people say that it breaks around the 2 year mark

  8. Michelle Kenny
    Michelle Kenny says:

    Very pretty! Can you please make a video of how you re style this day to day without washing your hair? I only wash my hair one to two days a week and want to learn how to refresh my hair to look like that without having to wash my hair again!

  9. Tara Tyler
    Tara Tyler says:

    Just curious, is your hair fairly thick or lean more towards baby fine? Just curious because I know that those factors play a role also. Mine is baby fine, oily at roots & gets dry on the ends so I was thinking this may be something I would like to try. Thanks for all the steps, explanation & advice, always love the details, they make all the difference!

  10. ValEsquivel
    ValEsquivel says:

    You have very healthy hair. I have very thin hair without volumen, so I will definitely run the curling iron close to my roots. Thank you 😊

  11. Ann Fortunato
    Ann Fortunato says:

    You curl then uncurl?! Just twist your hair in a scrunchie overnight, steam it while taking your morning shower. Let it dry. Take it out, add a little hair spray at the roots. You're done. ✌🏻and ❤️

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