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Melasma, a common form of pigmentation caused by hormonal changes, genetics, and sun exposure, can be difficult to treat, but that doesn’t mean you need a complicated routine. In this video, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Kim Nichols shares her morning skincare routine for treating melasma – and it’s only four steps!

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We’re so excited to share our brand new series with you: Skincare Expert. Every week, we’ll share an expert skincare routine from dermatologists, estheticians, cosmetic chemists, and other skin care experts. You’ll get expert skincare advice and see what products the pros recommend.

00:00 Intro
00:40 Cleanser
01:20 Vitamin C Serum
01:55 Treatment
02:27 Sunscreen
03:15 PM Routine
03:25 Glycolic Acid Night Cream
03:44 Anti-Aging Night Cream
04:03 Custom Serum

Mixed Makeup:


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39 replies
  1. Susan Yara
    Susan Yara says:

    I love Dr. Kim Nichols and her advice! For those asking, this is not an ad for Skinceuticals, but she does have an affiliation with the brand. That said, this video wasn’t planned with the brand and we get nothing from it. Many skincare experts choose brands like Skinceuticals to sell at their clinics, so it makes sense to see them also recommend the products.

  2. Jing W
    Jing W says:

    Asian skin type here so a Spf30 is usually not enough for me. Not to mention glycolic acid will aggravate my skin.
    I use CeraVe cleanser or TheInkeyList Oatmeal cleanser. Always use an antioxidant under sunscreen for broad spectrum protection, the ordinary has wonderful ones. Right now I am using Paula choice.

    Then sunscreen Annessa Milk in Gold package.

  3. Tara
    Tara says:

    It would have been helpful to show us how much she uses of everything and maybe even some alternatives for those who don’t want to spend part of their rent payment every few months. So disappointed 😢

  4. Hamid Rahmanineyshabour
    Hamid Rahmanineyshabour says:

    That’s just great. So this dermatologist uses the entire skinceutical line up. Very affordable and not at all sponsored or affiliated with the brand. And people wonder why customers/viewers have trust issues 🙄

  5. Elaine O' Mahony
    Elaine O' Mahony says:

    She left the water running at the start for ages!!!!!! I like SkinCeuticals Tinted Mineral Sunscreen. I find the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair better than their Retinol but I have yet to find an alternative to CE Ferulic, it is so good!!

  6. Berit Ahvaz
    Berit Ahvaz says:

    I’m not sure who you think your audience is, but especially in this economy can afford this! Are you serious? No, really. Obviously was sponsored by Skin Ceuticals….this video rubbed me wrong way. Know your audience. Unsubscribed.

  7. bbsail
    bbsail says:

    Cheez!!! They should disclose it is a commercial. A pricey one. I can't afford to buy consistently ONE SC serum imagine all of this.

  8. Nicole Young
    Nicole Young says:

    I miss Dr. Nichols. She was my dermatologist when I moved to NYC years ago. Since then she has opened her practice in CT. I miss her yet am so excited to see her featured on this channel. Thank you Susan and Dr. Nichols for sharing❤️

  9. Riley Woodell
    Riley Woodell says:

    Is this a SkinCeuticals plug? Sure feels like it… Also she's wearing eye makeup so that's kindof a bummer. Not sure about everyone else but I'd like to see how she aaactually starts her morning with a bare face 👀👀👀

  10. R A
    R A says:

    Does the lightening serum need to cycled off after 3 months like traditional HQ? Can it be used when I’m on my HQ break? Not sure how it works with derivatives.

  11. The Modern Investor
    The Modern Investor says:

    Very impressive content, rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich.

  12. Magdalena Maggie Barrera
    Magdalena Maggie Barrera says:

    Disappointing to promote ridiculously expensive products from all brand. Those prices are outrageous for a normal consumer. I definitely trust more in dermatologists who show more affordable options

  13. Susan Slattery
    Susan Slattery says:

    Skinceuticals is so expensive. I use Timeless HA Vitamin C which is exactly the same, for a lot less coin. I suffer from vascular rosacea, and I'm finally now leaning toward a V-beam laser treatment. Dermatologists I think are pretty well remunerated, so I do not intend to criticise this derm for choosing Skinceuticals.

  14. R Cole
    R Cole says:

    I think in cases like this the video it should be marked as an ad or have a disclaimer before the video. Because there is a major relationship here and that's very clear. It would be different if Susan were on here reviewing her routine but this is an Ad anyway you cut it. It would just cut out all the comments and doubt.

  15. Louise
    Louise says:

    Why every time a dermatologist have an expensive skincare routine it cause a ruckus? When it’s celebrities I see no comments about how much it is. They’re dermatologist they have access to amazing products and I’m sure they have the salary as well. And let’s be real every time you watch a skin care routine who’s close to your skin type do you buy every products ? I don’t. Maybe this serum picked your interest or the spf ? They are others videos with derms who has affordable skincare routine.

  16. Bebop Rovina
    Bebop Rovina says:

    This is confusing… why she has make up on? Why she has a SkinCeuticals robe on? Why she's using only SC's products? Come on! This is sketchy AF!!!

  17. Cinderfire
    Cinderfire says:

    Holy crap. Did the pandemic make us all rich and I missed the memo? I’m all for skincare videos but this routine is like a grands worth! I think this was sponsored based on her robe. Geez. A forever nope from me.

  18. Lindsey Stein
    Lindsey Stein says:

    Their vitamin c serum is so nice, but I’m trying to find a dupe. The personalized serum sounds really interesting. Also, she has perfect eyebrows.

  19. PranaGirl AmericanHoney
    PranaGirl AmericanHoney says:

    Dr. Kim Nichols is based in Greenwich, CT. I thought SkinCeuticals was based in the NE, too, but Wikipedia shows Dallas, TX. Dr. Nichols' website very much features SkinCeuticals, so there is definitely a business relationship in-place there, which I am requesting that to be disclosed at the start of these videos, thank you! (This one very much felt like an ad, as that no less-pricey alternatives were listed; it was all SkinCeuticals or nothing.)

  20. Freedom Life
    Freedom Life says:

    a dermatologist that doesn't apply enough sunscreen? She applied very very little sunscreen what the heck????? that's not enough please don't apply it like her LOL

  21. Anne-Marie
    Anne-Marie says:

    I love Skinceuticals but it, s so expensive. C ferulic is my hg and it is very long lasting you only need a little. This really seems like a ad.

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