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Best & Worst Self Tanner Review | Tanologist, Loving Tan, B.Tan, St. Moriz, SOL, Ulta, L’Oreal


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Tanologist Express Tan Water Review:
Tanologist Gradual Tan Drops Review:
Tanologist Self Tanner Comparison Review:

1. Loving Tan 2 Hr Express Self Tanning Mousse:
2. Ulta Self Tanning Express Tan Tinted Mousse:
3. Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Mousse:
4. B.Tan Self Tan Mousse Not Just Your Weekend Lover:
5. SOL by Jergens Sunless Tanning Water Mousse:
6. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Water Mousse:
7. St. Moriz Professional Instant Self Tanning Mist:

Self Tan Application Mitts:
-Loving Tan:
-Amazon Fave:

1:53 Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Self Tanning Mousse- Dark
9:47 Ulta Self Tanning Express Tan Tinted Mousse- Dark
16:37 Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Mousse- Dark
21:46 B.Tan Self Tan Mousse- Not Just Your Weekend Lover (Violet)
26:36 SOL by Jergens Sunless Tanning Water Mousse
29:55 L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Water Mousse
31:52 St. Moriz Professional Instant Self Tanning Mist


Video Overview:
As someone who doesn’t lay out in the sun to sun bathe, I am self tan obsessed. If you are wondering which self tanner is best, look no further. I spent 9 weeks testing out sunless tanners and am here to break it all down for you. I show self tanner before and after clips, talk through the major concerns when it comes to a good fake tan like: smell, depth of color, orange color, streakiness, even fade, how long it lasts, how easy it is to apply, and more. I share which self tanner is my favorite and part of my weekly self tan routine, and which self tanners are not worth the money. The self tanners I review and compare are: Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Self Tanning Mousse- Dark, Ulta Collection Self Tanning Express Tan Tinted Mousse- Dark, Tanologist Express Tan Self Tan Mousse- Dark, B.Tan Self Tan Mousse- Not Just Your Weekend Lover (Violet), and SOL by Jergens Sunless Tanning Water Mousse.
29:55 L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Water Mousse
31:52 St. Moriz Professional Instant Self Tanning Mist

FTC: This video is not in collaboration with any brands. Some links may be affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any products from this video, it would mean SO much to me if you used my links. This gives me a small commission to continue to purchase new products to review for you all on this channel 🙂

Disclaimers: I am not a dermatologist, esthetician, or medical professional. My channel is a space for me to share product reviews based on my personal experience and/or research, not to diagnose. My videos should never be a replacement for guidance from a medical professional. You should always seek guidance from a medical professional or dermatologist for any and all skin concerns, questions, and needs.


47 replies
  1. Tailor Ploof
    Tailor Ploof says:

    Tanologist smells so good like SO good compared to other self tanners I’ve used. It’s a very light fresh smell doesn’t smell like chemicals like st moriz for example smelt HORRID and very strong. The smell was a huge shock to me I loved it

  2. Diane Gibbs
    Diane Gibbs says:

    So much great info! You do not fool around!
    As an older woman with really fair skin, I’d be happy with any color..even orange. And back in the day, orange it was!
    But I will try the mitt, since I don’t like orange hands.
    Really, Jergen’s original self-tanning lotion is all I need.

  3. Lauren Mann
    Lauren Mann says:

    Omg thank you so much for doing this 👏🏼 I just subscribed ❤️ Im happy to see someone has tried as many self tanners as I have 😩

  4. Alamry Farms
    Alamry Farms says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been using Tanologist. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I put on sunscreen during the week it seems to fade it faster and gets splotchy. Any tips to avoid that?

  5. Tina Carson
    Tina Carson says:

    Thank you for this video❤️

    What an odd place to put your electrical box 😳. I was assuming this bedroom was an add on, but then I saw a balcony. So they’re really putting in in bedrooms instead of closets where they should be. Interesting.
    Sorry. My brain runs away sometimes. 😂

  6. So Sher
    So Sher says:

    💡I'm intrested in the air brush style sunless spray tan system you mentioned. Your right it might be a better & cost effective system if you can spray yourself. Please look into this option. Great idea

  7. So Sher
    So Sher says:

    My favorites st tropez express dark mousse. Color guard needs to be rinsed off after 2-8 hours. Fake bake mousse or spray & mitt. After color guard is rinsed off. Sun labs ultra dark cream or mousse.
    All 3 proform well and priced $21-$35.00.
    Remove tanner trim hands with toothpaste & table salt with scrub with a kitchen type scrub sponge. Just my 2 cents. Sher

  8. Tara H
    Tara H says:

    I scrubbed and applied tanologist but it gave me some patchy areas lol. I don’t know what I did wrong. Any advice? Anyone can chime in

  9. Umm' Salamah
    Umm' Salamah says:

    It was definitely worth your time making. I was just looking for the best one. I'm the only one who sees it considering I'm Muslim. I want to feel good while in my house. I think u so so much

  10. Kathy Howard
    Kathy Howard says:

    Hi Abbey..
    First Off..
    You're Gorgeous
    And you seem so kind..
    I have a daughter your age and you remind me of her..
    Just watched your video and have to say that I've watched others..but enjoy yours the best.. I love how informative they are..
    You do such an amazing job explaining your experiences and I do appreciate that so much..
    I live in ..
    🌴PENSACOLA BEACH FLORIDA..and..The actual beach was only about 30 minutes away and so growing up I was a huge sun worshipper starting at age 13yrs.
    But about 6 years ago
    I decided since I was approaching my 50's..That it was time to give it up..but..
    My dermatologist was so shocked to hear that I baked in the sun so much.. bcuz luckily I knew to make sure to moisturize..moisturize I'm very lucky to still have awesome skin..
    Okay so..
    I am now a self tanner junkie and have tried..
    A L O T
    And have to say that they're alot better now than when I was growing up..I mean you had a choice of baking in the sun..or..
    Looking like no kidding..Not exaggerating..
    A 🎃..
    But ..
    A N Y W A Y S
    just wanted to share with you that I noticed that you had a huge bad experience with the last tanner on your list which was a mist..So wanted to give you a heads up that next time you do want to try another mist type of tanner..
    Doing it that away completely alleviates the huge mess..
    O K A Y..W E L L
    H A P P Y
    T A N N I N G
    And will be looking forward to more of your videos..
    YOU ROCK..

  11. Sonya Summers
    Sonya Summers says:

    I've tried a couple of Jergens products and they always look orange and smell pretty bad to boot. I'm so glad there are more affordable options now like Tanologist. Tysm for your thorough reviews!

  12. Janette Cooper
    Janette Cooper says:

    Thank you for your review! I just bought the Tanologist product yesterday. So happy I did! I haven’t used a self-tanner in years and was going to buy the Loving Tan because of the recommendations of other YouTubers. I didn’t know it was so expensive so in the end I wouldn’t have spent that much. Thanks again!

  13. Hope .S
    Hope .S says:

    Being so pale that I have gotten a "sunburn purpura", when seeing your before I though to myself "What a great tan..!" 🤣 I can only dream…I've used the Bondi tanning Lotion, in the blue bottle, before, and It certainly works! If you're pale enough that most tanners looks too drastic, the lotion is great. Just a light, golden hue. I think you can use it on your face, as well.
    The thing I dislike most about tanners is how you have to go through the whole process of getting your desired color after you shower and exfoliate. 😕 By the time you get to the color, you have to shower!

  14. L B
    L B says:

    My b tan doesn't leak but is also clearly broken because the foam isn't very foamy. Plus it left me looking really red (maybe they took out the green guard).

  15. Joysearth
    Joysearth says:

    As a black woman I have been trying to find the best tan, for even tone and also with a reddish or oragney undertone. if you know of any plz help

  16. Lori Cojocari
    Lori Cojocari says:

    So I just bought the 10 I’ll adjust express tan and I’m so excited to use it per your recommendation one thing that I was I guess leery about was that the instructions tell you to wash and shower 1 to 4 hours after applying did you do that and did it still turned out OK?

  17. Ella Donna
    Ella Donna says:

    I love Bare Essentials Faux Tan, it smells like almond cookies. It does have that green base but you get beautiful color pay off. Plus you smell like a sweet almond cookie!

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