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Can I have Laser hair removal over a tattoo ? laser hair removal over your tattoo can have disastrous consequences. Never laser hair over your tattoo , it will cause instant burns , blisters and later scars that goes for IPL systems and Diode lasers as well.Laser hair removal over your tattoo will harm you . The lasers for hair removal are different than lasers for tattoo removal in that the hair removal lasers including IPL and Diode Lasers all are Long Pulse and place alot of heat into your tattoo. This heat will result in an immediate burn and scar formation. The lasers for tattoo removal fire in either Nanoseconds ( Q Switched) or Picoseconds and throw significantly less heat into your tattoo.
If someone already had laser tattoo removal they still should not get laser hair removal over the spot due to the potential for residual ink particles to still be there and again cause burning or scaring.
Again, IPL and Diode lasers should not be used over a tattoo of any color or age.
There are very effective methods for hair removal over a tattoo such as electrolysis which is safe but slow.

Dr. Messina a practicing physician since 1986 offering Aesthetic Medicine as well as general medical topics. Aesthetic medicine includes Botox and Dysport Injections, Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane , Belotero and others as well as laser rejuvenation.
Dr. Messina added laser tattoo removal to the practice in 2005 and was nicknamed ” Dr. Undo Tattoo” from his patients.

The information in these videos is to educate however, Dr. Messina does not intend any of these videos to be used for learning a technique nor as a substitute for an actual evaluation by a physician. We always recommend inpersion visitation with the doctor of your choosing for any medical treatment.

Some videos are aimed at the medical community as a source of education however, It is not a substitute for hands on learning of a technique.

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