My Laser Hair Removal Journey | Philips Lumea Prestige | Painful? | Review and How To Use


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Hey everyone, this video is about how to use Philips Lumea Prestige IPL hair removal kit – it is also about my laser hair removal jouney!!I hope you enjoy it xx

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  1. Mary Hughes
    Mary Hughes says:

    Thank you for making this video! I've been looking at so many reviews about this product. I'm definitely tempted to get it as I was hoping to start laser but with covid I can't and it will probably be Summer by the time I can start it! I'm a dark haired girl with lighter skin and in desperate need as I'm so hairy!

  2. ABC
    ABC says:


    I just wanted to know which model did you get as there are a few and are they all the same or is one better than the other

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