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♡ Life is so incredible for our little growing family!

TWINFO: ♡ 2 years old

Journie Dior Born 1st
Jiya Dallis Born 2nd

Youngest Baby
Jori Denver 5 months

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32 replies
  1. Diamond P.
    Diamond P. says:

    Mines did shift after not wearing them for 2 months so now I have to wear them everyday all day I don’t like wearing my retainers either but ugh I have to 😩

  2. Carmen Marie
    Carmen Marie says:

    Keesha I really applaud you for being a great mom.. you give your girls the best possible life you can and thats so special to me. Great job Mom. And shout out to all the moms who put their kids before themselves 🙋🏽‍♀️.

  3. Erika Little
    Erika Little says:

    Every time Keesha says "my bayyyyy-bee" or "my sweet bayyyy-bee", she sounds just like Catherine McBroom from The Ace Family. Jiya's laugh tickles me☺. Jori is one smart baby.

  4. TieraTaughtYou
    TieraTaughtYou says:

    Getting the girls big girl beds will probably help with potty training as well. So they can get up and out of the bed when they need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Just a suggestion.

  5. Kenya Rene'e
    Kenya Rene'e says:

    I work in the dental field. Teeth will move eventually if retainers are not worn. It may not move tomorrow or a year from now but teeth always want to go back to how it was prior to Otho work. So protect your investment and wear your retainers at least 2 a week

  6. Jasmine Ekusai
    Jasmine Ekusai says:

    One thing putting me off moving to the states, the healthcare is a joke, you’re paying for insurance and I’m sure someone making your income would have a hood insurance company and yet you still have to pay an extra 160 dollars for a trip to urgent care? That’s just beyond excessive. I don’t pay a single dime towards my healthcare.

  7. Rubyred9057
    Rubyred9057 says:

    Dare: I dare you to bless five Senior Citizens with a grocery shopping spree. Seniors are on a fixed income and sometimes need more than they can afford.🤎🖤❤

  8. Ms. Barber Teaches
    Ms. Barber Teaches says:

    Dare: I dare you to call a family member or friend and address them with the wrong name. Keep repeating the name and have a full conversation about your day. Then tell them you have to go and hang up. You are not allowed to tell them it was a dare unless they call back.

  9. Franky J
    Franky J says:

    That’s good you can still put them on without having worn them for sooo long so that’s a blessing! My shit move in a couple of hours. I had Invisalign so whenever I don’t wear them they shift very quickly!

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