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Hi guys!! This week we had to get a new vlogging camera as there was something wrong with our audio but now things are open I was able to get my laser hair removal, botox, and also meet my friends which i haven’t seen in months!!!

I go to Pulse Light clinic to get laser hair removal, use code THUYLEEUPTO20 to get 20% off

I went to Pure health aesthetics to get my botox!

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  1. xThuyLe
    xThuyLe says:

    Happy post lockdown week!!! I thought we would never get here guys! We had to get a new vlogging camera but I am still unsure about the audio so we have just ordered a new microphone coming this week, im trying to get the ultimate vlogging set up!! I also decided that I am no longer going to stay on the contraception patch as i think the hormones are giving me headaches and making me feel unwell- so back to au natural pull out method HAHA

  2. Lana S.
    Lana S. says:

    Awww Thuy I think the new house is not only a big personal accomplishment but also you have enough room in there to be creative, get new inspiration and go for any aesthetic your heart desires. You will always find something to improve and it’s not a bad thing to keep pushing but don’t lose yourself in it. Take a breath sometimes. You are accepted, you are enough. You a human being, not a human doing. Your value is in your being, not in your doing. Your value of being gives more value to your doing. 💙💙💙

  3. susie
    susie says:

    “I got boooody ok, this dress can’t handle me” you will hear me saying this in every dressing room until I lose the lockdown weight lol!

  4. Jana J Beauty
    Jana J Beauty says:

    The only thing that drove me crazy from this video was the audio from when you and Ling were talking in the restaurant- I could barely understand you guys!! Did you not use your new microphone on the new camera yet? Other than that, I definitely noticed a big difference in the visuals. The colours in the new camera made you look STUNNING and just so appealing to watch 😍😍

  5. Jana J Beauty
    Jana J Beauty says:

    I just watched the green makeup look you uploaded before this and I absolutely LOVED it. Also, glad to get some info about cosmetic procedures because I’m always so hesitant and I try to do my research before committing to any of that so thanks for taking us along with you in your sessions!!

  6. kaya latif-shaikh
    kaya latif-shaikh says:

    The contraceptive patch gave me the exact same symptoms, And it got so severe it made me so nauseous I was throwing up everything I ate and drank so I had to go to the hospital, definitely the right decision to stop using it!

  7. Stephanie X
    Stephanie X says:

    Thuy! I've been watching you for many months now and I love your personality, how honest, caring and funny you are. It breaks my heart seeing you struggling and stressing over what you'll upload next, I can only imagine it's not easy having your job but the best thing you can do is go with the flow! Do what makes YOU happy. It's YOUR channel Thuy! I wish you could realize that you will feel free once you do what makes you happy and knowing that us, your TRUE followers will always watch your videos and be there to support you. We love you thuy and I really hope you will be truly happy one day. Remember that we are here for you, cause we love you for YOU and no matter the content we are here! You're an amazing person and you deserve to feel secure and worthy. I saw another youtuber posted on their stories that they upload whatever/whenever they feel like uploading and let me tell you… Theyre really successful. You should honestly just give it a try and see how it goes, don't over stress yourself 😓❤️

  8. Laura Johnson
    Laura Johnson says:

    Jesus, when you switched to the new camera I had to turn the volume down hahaha also, what brand of contacts are you wearing in the end of your video? 😍

  9. Stephanie Nicholson
    Stephanie Nicholson says:

    I love this. I cannot understand your hunny lol his accent is so strong. I from the states so too me I'm like what is he saying lmfao! Yall are such a cute couple! Amazing makeup btw!🖤

  10. Tia's Two Sense
    Tia's Two Sense says:

    Hey Thuye! Idk if this helps but I'd love to see move full product reviews, try ons, and wear tests. Also, I think it would be cool if you and Garang tried foods around your area 🙂

  11. Brooke D’Rozario
    Brooke D’Rozario says:

    Yass love that you guys can see each other again! I’m so sorry my comments have been slacking. It’s been such a hektik time!! I’ve been watching every video of yours girl! Makes my day so much better! So excited to get more new house content!! 💕💕💕 sending lots of love

  12. 66Jaya66
    66Jaya66 says:

    Loved watching this flog seeme like so much fun. Your makeup has been stunning on this vlog. Definitely can hear the difference in the cameras thought it wouldn’t but it does sound better. Ps give quang the doughnuts lol 💕💕

  13. Asra Khan
    Asra Khan says:

    Heyyy!!! Gemini trait…high five👋 i feel the same after or before buying anything. Can i get anything better or should i wait n search more blaaa blaaa blaa…but i trust you girl you must have made a great choice❤️❤️❤️❤️ just cant waitttttttttttttttttttt🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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