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What are the best skincare products to remove and prevent milia? I get asked this question all the time, so I finally put together a nighttime skincare routine that’s focused on milia! Watch this video for tips on how to get rid of, prevent, and treat milia.

Milia Q&A with Dr. Sheila Farhang:
Melasma Skincare Routine:

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38 replies
  1. spyrothetimelord
    spyrothetimelord says:

    I'm glad I ended up coming back to this video. I've been terrible and though my skin is so dry it can handle a lot of the moisture I give it, I had been a bit sloppy lately and been somewhat applying moisturizers too high on my cheeks into that area of the face that is considered "eye area". I'm glad it's nothing impossible or difficult to fix. ♥︎ thank you for the video and advice Susan ✨

  2. lgalang1577
    lgalang1577 says:

    I always get one under my right eye side nose area that comes and goes…i spot treat it with Marula oil which seems to help get rid of it everytime. Ive used Naturium brand Marula and also The Ordinary brand…both work! Drunk elephant brand too but too expensive!

  3. Yasiv Yeo
    Yasiv Yeo says:

    I used to have milia on my eyelids a few years ago, which was so annoying. After years of dealing with milia, I decided I would stop wearing eyeshadows, and eye primers and miraculously the milia stopped appearing! Now I only use light moisturizers and sunscreen on my eyelids, and that works perfectly for me. My milia is gone forever it seems!!

  4. cindy taylor
    cindy taylor says:

    Thank you so Much for this Video,, I needed this, I have some under my left eye.. and I am seeing this Late so, i hope you see it,, Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!!

  5. Isabella Correa
    Isabella Correa says:

    I just tried popping my milia on my eye inner eye lid for the 2nd time and I wish I looked this up first there wasn’t much on YouTube before and I appreciate knowing it’s treatable

  6. T N
    T N says:

    @Mixed Makeup Where’s your top from?
    Very cute! Been looking for a thick, quality, crew neck racerback tank

  7. Rachel McDonnell
    Rachel McDonnell says:

    Actually really appreciate you saying about seeing a derm in this case. Both myself AND my derm thought I had milia, turns out it was a benign tumor but something now I need to keep an eye out for!

  8. Kimberly Gabrielsen
    Kimberly Gabrielsen says:

    Thanks for your video…. l have milia around my eye area and on my eyelids I also have perioral dermatitis…will these products work? Also what would you recommend for eye makeup remover?

  9. August
    August says:

    Or, hear me out, you can just go to the dermatologist and have them removed in a single day. No amount of skincare will get rid of milia. They’re not a regular whitehead, they MUST be punctured, extracted, and the sacs taken out.

  10. chris degrazio
    chris degrazio says:

    Plz do a video showing tmthe various products you use throughout the week. Knowing that you try different products and change what you use from night to night, it would be interesting to see what you use/choose to address various issues, & what you enjoy consistently.

    Another great video would be where you or people with different skin types all demo or desribe the different products they may use one night, and how that would adjust or change depending on how their skin changes. If they use a serum or active to address an issue, and then that issues goes away, what is the next step & can we see that sort of thing from start to finish? Like a log of their journey in a 1-2 minute video. Or even a description and visualization of the products they used to address a problem, and the new products they use once that problem is minimized or no longer a concern.

  11. Lifestyle With Thi
    Lifestyle With Thi says:

    Wish I knew this when I started having milia popping up out of nowhere. My skin is better now but I didn't do anything. I probably used a different products not knowing that they helped not getting these annoying milia 🙂

  12. F G
    F G says:

    My milia is around the Bridge of my nose and little under my eyes. Azeliac acid works wonders with my milia but I use the ordinary one but idk why that one dries my skin out so bad

  13. Jasmine Roman
    Jasmine Roman says:

    I have been dealing with it for years and years when they first came I tried popping them never could I even put a needle in one to pop it, it came out but I have a scar so I don’t touch them. Now they don’t bother me I’m very pale so it’s hard to see them. This year is when I started skincare and I use sunscreen, retinol and exfoliate now with the naturium fermented rice cleanser and I use chemical exfoliant too but not the same day that’s too much exfoliating and I’ve seen some disappear. I just ordered the new naturium oil cleanser and a new Vitamin C cause I’m running out I love that stuff. I’ve tried 3 oil cleansers I don’t like them so I’m excited to try it.

  14. belll429
    belll429 says:

    You' re looking awesome Susan! Thanks for the tips, I noticed lately that adapalene has helped a lot with my milia too, as well as with my acne.

  15. gemma Flaherty
    gemma Flaherty says:

    Never had it until I started using Cetaphil and Cerave cleansers. Then it caused it under my eyes. Stopped using these cleansers and went to a gel cleanser and it went.

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