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This is my *hydrating* skincare routine for dehydrated, oily skin! At the beginning of quarantine I accidentally over-exfoliated and damaged my skin barrier and as a result, I was dealing with constant breakouts and dehydration. I’ve been doing this skincare routine for the past 7/8 weeks to focus on hydration and help repair my skin barrier back to health!

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I’m Asia Jackson and I’m an actress & content creator based in Los Angeles. I create videos that are dedicated to encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves through fashion, beauty, self-care, and vlogs.

On this channel you will learn about the science of skincare, practical fashion styling tips, leveling up your lifestyle, and my journey towards optimizing mental & physical health.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

“What’s your race/ethnicity?”
➮ I’m Black and Filipino (Igorotak!) 🇺🇸🇵🇭

“Are you Australian or American?”
➮ This question always gets me LOL but I’m American

“Why do you have different accents?”
➮ I’m an actor so I often like to play around with and practice different accents and pronunciations randomly in my everyday speech. Don’t take my pronunciations or accents too seriously!

“Do you speak Tagalog?”
➮ Taglish lang…sobrang sorry talaga hehe

“Where are you from?”
➮ I’m a military brat so I don’t have a real hometown. But I went to high school in Long Beach, CA so that is my honorary hometown lol

34 replies
  1. stephany
    stephany says:

    loved this routine, this routine seems to be very suitable for my suuuper dehydrated but combo/oily skin! you mentioned klairs rich soothing cream which i’ve been eyeing for awhile, does it go well with your oily skin?

  2. butterfly 222
    butterfly 222 says:

    my skin is really dehydrated and I look shiny and oily 24:7 and I feel really insecure about it! I’ve tried lots of moisturizers and nothing works, and my skin always gets oily. Is it worth giving the klairs fundamental cream a chance?

  3. Stephanie Hansen
    Stephanie Hansen says:

    Hi! I’m on a journey to fix my dehydrated skin lol… still looking for a sunscreen. Did you find this one was drying? I heard mineral can make your skin feel more dehydrated? Not sure if true

  4. Liz Torres
    Liz Torres says:

    Interesting. Every single Mineral sunscreen i have used has cause a ton of breakouts, like a TON. XD Ive tried so many too, its sad. The chemical sunscreens that break me out tend to be water-resistant (which I have to avoid sadly) or dont bother to put soothing ingredients in the formula or add problematic ingredients in the mix for no reason, which is why im STUCK with using only Paulas choice chemical sunscreen. Everything else causes problems.

  5. A
    A says:

    I think my skin is dehydrated… not positive. My skin is definitely oily af, but after i wash my face morning and night, if i dont moisturize right away my skin gets so tight, dry and very uncomfortable. After i use moisturizer, my skin is back to normal then slowly gets oily lol

  6. diana lopez
    diana lopez says:

    I’ve been dealing with oily dehydrated skin for months & been trying to fix it but I feel like nothing works. It might be my moisturizer since I feel it doesn’t prevent TEWL, I’m going to try this Klairs moisturizer! Thank you! I loved this vid & recommendations

  7. One Fine Day in California
    One Fine Day in California says:

    So cute!! Pop tarts and fro yo for breakfast ❤️
    Korean beauty products are really good 😊 The spray looks very easy to use and convenient 👍🏻 Curious about the sunscreen. Haven’t found sunscreen product I like so far. I’m tempted to try this one!! Thank you for the review😊

  8. Cadon Castle
    Cadon Castle says:

    omg thank you so much for making this video!! i feel like people don’t discuss how to moisturize oily skin enough!! i didn’t even know that dehydrated oily skin was a thing 😅

  9. Hyungnim Mean-Seok
    Hyungnim Mean-Seok says:

    I was getting excited until you listed all wishtrend products, which do not ship to Mexico, my country :/ I've been looking but I just can't find them here! Please do a video on duplicate that kind of simulate the formula of these? 🙁

    Also wishtrend if you guys seeing this… Mexico is JUST underneath the US! cOMe On!

  10. Julieta Molinero C
    Julieta Molinero C says:

    Thanks Asia!!! But, unfortunately, i live in a country where if I buy something outside my country, i will be charged with 30% fee. Thats for buying with dolars, when it arrives at Argentinatina, i will need to may more fees. Thats living in socialism

  11. Susanne Lopez
    Susanne Lopez says:

    I’m a very critical person and I must say this L’Oréal here ( has killed it with this cream, and it is not as expensive as the one I had previously been using.
    It actually makes my skin feel tighter without the feeling of uncomfort.The moisture in the cream really does want it says, it acts as a filler! And I can definitely tell the difference.

    This is going to be apart of my daily routine.I love this inexpensive cream,my skin soaks it up,
    and I’m happy to say apart of my life moving forward! There was nothing I didn’t like.

  12. Peter A
    Peter A says:

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

    18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
    John 3:16-18
    Have a great day.

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