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As requested my current evening skincare routine both on Tretinoin (Retin A) nights and on nights when I give my skin a retinol break. All the products I am using, shown step by step.

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As doctor passionate about skin care that delivers results I want to help you quickly and efficiently pick a skin care regime that works by explaining the science behind skin and by sharing quick, no bullshit skin care reviews.

I am a doctor, so I do have a good understanding of scientific studies, skin and ingredients. I am however not a trained dermatologist and these videos do not replace a consultation or are a substitute for medical advice.

Products mentioned are PR-Samples (Gifted items) or purchased myself, all opinions are honest and my own. Links used above are affiliate links.
This is not a sponsored video.

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26 replies
  1. Pi
    Pi says:

    Hello Dr. Anne. I just started my tretinoin journey. Can i ask if it's better to use azelaic acid together with tretinoin? Thank you!

  2. Vince L
    Vince L says:

    Hello Doctor.
    I have acne prone and oily skin
    Love your content. I was just prescribed tretinoin 0.025% and Benzac gel last week and my skin started peeling very badly after using it daily for 1 week. I will cut down to using it every 3 days to let my skin adapt to it slowly.

    Can I ask if Dermalogica Clearing Skin wash cleanser is okay for my situation? I was told by sales lady that it is very mild in salicylic acid 0.5% and they have natural ingredients that soothe the skin from irritation and its non dying. Do you think its okay?

  3. Amanda Perez
    Amanda Perez says:

    Hey Dr.Anne. I been using Tretinoin for a while and went up to 0.1. I wanted to know if I can add Great Barrier Relief before Tretinoin, or is it better to add it after Tretinoin?
    Thank you for your information!

  4. Keven Gang
    Keven Gang says:

    I found this video very goooooodddd and I found out that I was doing a big mistake by the way I was appalled my retin on my face soo a big thank you. From Australia

  5. Stardustwink
    Stardustwink says:

    Hi dr! My doctor prescribed me a Retin A, and I am aware that it has side effects, but after my skin acclimatize to retin-A is it okay to change and apply different type of retinol (for example: retinol from the inkeylist)? Or should I stick with the same Retin-A for the rest of the years?
    Thank you so much,Dr! 💕

  6. TheIceyveins
    TheIceyveins says:

    Thanks for all the quality information Dr. Anne!!! I was wondering if you think that my tretinoin can pass through/penetrate and be effective when applied over iUnik Tea Tree Relief Serum, Great Barrier Relief, and Cetaphil redness reduction night time moisturizer? Looking forward to all the future content!!!

  7. Debbie B
    Debbie B says:

    I’m confused. In another one of your videos you said to never mix prescription tretinoin’s with other products. It seems like that’s what you’re doing here. Or did you mean physically mix the ingredients together? I have a prescription Retin-A and would like to know what else is safe to use along with it.

  8. Mamá Latina en USA
    Mamá Latina en USA says:

    Hello Dr. Anne. Thank you for sharing! I suffered acne and left me scars and I just bought some retinol cream. I'm also noticing fine lines along my forehead. I have a question. I am not sure if my nighttime routine sounds right:
    1. Wash face, 2. Apply toner 3. Retinol cream, 4. Serum (vitamin b), and finally my night cream.
    Does that sound right?

  9. ramshaishtyaq
    ramshaishtyaq says:

    Hello Dr Anne ❤️ I really want to know that i'am using tretinoin 0.025 since 2 months so my concern is can i stop using tretinoin whenever i want or after 6 months of using it? Or if i stop using tretinoin cream does it cause any side effects or anything? Please help me with this!

    And also can i switch to tretinoin 0.05 after using one tretinoin cream 0.025?

    Hoping a helpful reply ❤️

  10. Tiffany Kilby
    Tiffany Kilby says:

    I've been using a non prescription and it's making my face feel smoother, but I keep peeling over and over in the same areas, (chin and mouth area). Does the peeling eventually lessen? I'm afraid my skin may become scarred from healin6and peeling this much every few days. I know it's supposed to promote cell turnover , but is it normal to keep peeling in the same areas so much?

  11. Frankie Lima
    Frankie Lima says:

    Hi Doc. Do u know where I can buy an authentic 0.05 tretinoin cream from in the U.S., my insurance didn't cover it when it was prescribed by my dermotalogist

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