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Struggling applying nail forms? Learn from Kupa Educator Ann Chang as she gives great tips for Nail Technicians needing extra guidance with fitting a form properly for sculpting Square, Almond, Ballerina & Stiletto Shaped Nails.
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KUPA TV is presented by KUPA Incorporated the leading manufacturer of Electric Nail Files and Nail Drills in the Nail Industry. KUPA TV feature Nail art design tutorials and demos designed for professional nail techs and nail enthusiast.


37 replies
  1. Beeb Clark
    Beeb Clark says:

    That was the single clearest explanation I've found. Thank you for demonstrating the side wall cut out! I keep finding good nail form demos but they show the free edge then suddenly the sidewall is cut and the form is on. Thank you

  2. debbie Harber
    debbie Harber says:

    I have just been watching another video on form fitting and they say totally opposite to you ..they say no gap on square nails on the top of the finger tabs and the form for ballerina stiletto should point up not down and taps on top of finger pinched together to bring the point on the form upwards …

  3. K. M. Saria
    K. M. Saria says:

    I never write comments, but you explained everything so thoroughly, sharing helpful information that I have been unable to find anywhere else. I just had to say thanks!

  4. Jenifer Purdy
    Jenifer Purdy says:

    Thank you for this video this makes me like forms, even more I get frustrated so I went with metal forms but can't use them to get the shapes only square.

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