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Your body goes through so many changes when you’re pregnant and that goes for your skin too. The hormonal changes can lead to skin concerns like hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. But the usual skincare ingredients used to treat these concerns are often not recommended for use while pregnant. That’s why we’re so happy to share board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky’s pregnancy-safe morning skincare routine. Watch this video to get pregnancy skincare tips and skincare product recommendations!


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Welcome to our new series: Skincare Expert. Every week, we’ll share an expert skincare routine from dermatologists, estheticians, cosmetic chemists, and other skincare experts. You’ll get expert skincare advice and see what products the pros recommend.

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07:36 Treatments & Serums
14:06 Moisturizer
15:30 Sunscreen
19:40 In-Office Treatments

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35 replies
  1. Patricia Perez
    Patricia Perez says:

    Thanks! I just got pregnant so this is perfect, right now I'm looking for a body lotion, I was using the neutrogena hydroboost and saw a lot of improvement of my belly stretch marks but I want a replacement because neutrogena is not cruelty-free

  2. Raed Radha
    Raed Radha says:

    Hey I’ve got a question. Do you recommend buying skincare products in person (going to the company store) or online (e-purchasing from the company)?

    Because lets say the sun is extremely strong, 30c, beaming hot and you go in person to buy the product. Won’t the sun’s heat age the skincare product on the way back home even though it’s in a bag?
    Or is that not true?


  3. Susan Yara
    Susan Yara says:

    Big thank you to Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky!! I know so many of you have questions regarding skincare and pregnancy, so I’m glad she answered a lot of it. You can find her on Instagram @dermguru. I love following her!

  4. William Hernandez
    William Hernandez says:

    Wow! I’m a dude, who’s obviously obsessed w skincare and I kinda looove her! Never heard of her but the credentials are legit, love the clarity and confidence in which she speaks and the sound of her voice is sweet and soothing. Never heard of this HA from Vichy but I’m going to try it next time instead of their HA Mineral 89 which I use everyday and can’t live without.
    Good job!

  5. Paige Ratliff
    Paige Ratliff says:

    She just had a baby and her skin is beautiful!😇this video was super informative and now when I decide to have a baby in the future I’ll know how to take care of my skin🌼❤️

  6. Krithika Shelvarajen
    Krithika Shelvarajen says:

    Please do a skincare collaboration video with James welsh,Gothamista,Cassandra bankson & Beauty within

    Please do a nail & lipcare video & also a bridal skincare routine

    Please include routine finder for easy purchase of products in ur brand please

  7. Melissa Powers
    Melissa Powers says:

    Hold the phone! Salicylic acid is ok during pregnancy and breastfeeding??? I’m nursing and have been avoiding it but I want to use it for my normal pimples too.

  8. Rebecca M
    Rebecca M says:

    I just wash my face with a gel cleanser a natural one and moisturise with natural rosehip and moisturiser and that's all 😁 I stopped using retinol I'm 19 weeks and skin has cleared 1st trimester acne was crazy but guess hormones has calmed down for now 😅

  9. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    I’m one of those that broke out, but it just started at the end of my 2nd trimester! I actually got contact dermatitis so I scrapped my whole routine that I had been using for over a year and my derm had me use hydrocortisone until it cleared up 🥲

  10. speedychic025
    speedychic025 says:

    This video is SUPER helpful ! I appreciate seeing the recommendation from an actual dermatologist on what to use because many sources online deem everything unsafe for pregnancy 🙄

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