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48 replies
  1. Dontai and Kaory
    Dontai and Kaory says:

    Make sure you watch the bloopers at the end 🤣😂 if you join our VIP membership on our website you will get access to a full 17 minute bloopers compilation 😂😂
    Link in description 🔥

  2. Mathilde Gething
    Mathilde Gething says:

    Guys, I bought this machine which is by no means cheap because I watch your videos and trust your opinion.
    This company is a huge scam, the machine does not work and they refuse to refund me my money.

    I have now seen lots of reviews of people in similar situations

    This is really not okay ??
    I never write comments but I’m actually hoping you will use your platform to help.

  3. DeAndré KB
    DeAndré KB says:

    Your bloopers are just like mineeee🤣🤣 I’m exactly the same when I film my videos🤣, I love how you started adding the bloopers at the end living the long vids DK💕💕💕

  4. DeAndré KB
    DeAndré KB says:

    My fav couple💯😍🤩, I had to wait for more vids to come out so I can binge watch😆🤣 that’s how much I love you guys man😂😌❤️‼️

  5. Tracey Fagbohun
    Tracey Fagbohun says:

    Omg this message is for kaory so dontai don't look at this comment is for kaory you should do the catfish prank dontai it would be such A GOOD prank ps.

    love you guys,

  6. Genta Olloni
    Genta Olloni says:

    Hi the best couple ever and if yall come to Kosova id be honored to show u around u can come by taxi or bus the nearest city is Gjakova cuz it's near Albania and then u can see Kosova or go to Prizren and i can show u there too

  7. ❤️
    ❤️ says:

    sometimes you don't just need a boyfriend to love you he should take care of you act with you like is your brother and that's Dontai😘

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