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Ever wondered what you were doing wrong? We hope this video helps clear away all your doubts about how to stamp properly!

Find all you need to get this Nail art here:

1. MoYou™ London Holy Shapes 18
2. Nail polishes we used:
-MoYou™ London White Knight
-MoYou™ London Black Knight


✅ Cover the whole design with nail polish, using a generous quantity. If you want to save some nail polish and if you are a bit more experienced with stamping you can also try to cover about half of the design and then drag the rest of the polish with the scraper to cover the whole design.

❌ Don’t apply a thin layer of nail polish, as it will dry much faster.


✅ Scrape gently once (preferably in a 45-degree angle), with a pressure similar to when you dust off the table 😉. Even if you see the design is not clean is fine, the streaks won’t pick up.

❌ Don’t press too hard against the plate while scraping, you don’t need to scrape the design clean.

❌ Don’t scrape backwards.

❌ Don’t scrape several times in a row, you will make the polish dry faster.


✅ Pick up with a smooth rolling motion.

✅ Pick up by pressing down gently.

❌ Don’t press too hard while rolling the stamper, if the head is being squished that is too much pressure.

❌ Don’t press moving your stamper in every direction. This is not the TV controller, it won’t work by pressing like crazy.

❌ Don’t roll the stamper back and forth, otherwise, you will stamp back on the plate.

❌ Don’t wait too long before picking up or the design will dry.


✅ Stamp on your nail when it’s touch dry. If you feel the nail is too smooth and the designs don’t stick try applying top coat and stamp when it’s still a bit tacky.

❌ Be careful not to press too hard and pierce the head of the stamper with your nail.


❗️Clear your stamper using a lint roller (or clear tape if you prefer). Don’t clear the stamper with nail polish remover or acetone as this will harm the materials.

❗️Remover the back of the stamper (3 IN 1 ✦ SUPER CLEAR RECTANGULAR STAMPER & SCRAPER) for more precision.

❗️Store your stampers in a dry, cool place away from the sun and with the silicone head protected from the dust.

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39 replies
  1. Marie Trini77
    Marie Trini77 says:

    Do I need to protect the plate with the cover you are using? Does it make pick up easier ? Where can I buy it ? Thanks 😊 just subscribed for more tips

  2. Shiroko Diamond Sparkle
    Shiroko Diamond Sparkle says:

    Also, DO buy a no-wipe/no smudge top coat. When I finally got my first stamping stuff I was so excited, and when I went to put my regular quick dry top coat on? My whole manicure was ruined with streaks 🙁 People don't mention it enough. Look specifically for a no-smudge top coat!!

  3. ya noya
    ya noya says:

    Should the polish be relatively dense or opposite? (I would like to find an alternative to what you provide because shipping is quite problematic)
    Have your plates and stampers, looked forward, but have not been successfull, has just find this video, must try again.

  4. Furryka
    Furryka says:

    Oh my god…. It actually did work and did work so well even with the finest details. When I was about to bin entire set, this little thing explain how to do it fast and simple way. Still practice does makes perfection, but after an hour of nothing, I got things done first try. Thanks!

  5. Sama Ja
    Sama Ja says:

    This is my favorite nail stamping video! All the other videos give no information. When I was stamping like the crazy one, it did not work. Now I know why. I spent a lot the the stamping plates and thought it would not work. After I saw this video, I tried stamping it gently and it worked perfectly! I was about to cry because it did not work the first time. Thank you so much! I love this video! ❤️

  6. Lola Lola
    Lola Lola says:

    Thank you for making a quick short video instead of those with 3 minute intros…I hope following these tips will make my stamper work 🙂

  7. Tim Tim Leisan
    Tim Tim Leisan says:

    Thank you so much. I had no idea how to use even if I follow the instructions. I thought my nail stamps and the sets are just a waste but now I know I just need to practice. I was doing all wrong ( don't). Finally you saved me. 😊🤗
    Now I need to buy matching colors to try out my beautiful stamping plates design.
    Big love ❤️😎

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