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I’ve been getting a ton of questions lately about the products I use on my hair and in the shower. So, today I’m sharing what’s currently in my shower! We can call it a little “shower shelfie.” What products are in your shower? Share in the comments!

Products mentioned:
Function of Beauty

Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
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Necessaire The Body Exfoliator
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Pixi Beauty Rose Body Polish
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Necessaire The Body Wash
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PMD Clean Body
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Flamingo 5-Blade Razor
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NATURIUM Mixed Greens Nutrient Rich Cleanser
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Youth to The People Yerba Mate Resurfacing Energy Peel
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Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer
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On me!
Lipstick (in “123”)
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Top (similar)
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44 replies
  1. Aditi Maji
    Aditi Maji says:

    I notice water is running behind you. Please try to stop it. I had that habit. It took me a long to change it. So I can understand but please try

  2. Reagan Lincoln
    Reagan Lincoln says:

    I thought most people put on moisturizer and wet skin, I've been doing it for years. I like using the necessiare products and using the moisturizer on my skin wet, it's just beautiful. Or using the ren serum on damp skin, to get that I use a silk towel, throw in my ren serum and then my skin stays damp for some time so I can get my face products before I use lotion on my body.

  3. glambydeeep
    glambydeeep says:

    Ohhh have yet to try Function of Beauty! 👀 I love using First Aid Beauty bump eraser as my body scrub and loving Briogio scalp revival for my hair washing days.

  4. Tazeen Farooqui
    Tazeen Farooqui says:

    Is there any difference between the one in target and the one you get online ?? I went to target and there was no conditioner available only shampoo and it was urgent so I went back to the website and ordered online using the subscription. So, just curious is there any difference ?? (Function of beauty )

  5. Marga Selzer
    Marga Selzer says:

    the flamingo razors are AWFUL i do not recommend them at all. even the disposable bic razors are much better. this comes from someone who shaves daily. so bad

  6. Charlotte Berg
    Charlotte Berg says:

    I also have scalp psoriasis! (Diagnosed by a dermatologist). I use a prescription topical oil and topical solution every 2-3 weeks, as welll as neutrogena t gel when needed.

  7. A W
    A W says:

    I loved the smell of function of beauty but it made my hair fall like crazy and I wasn’t blown away by the results either. Still bums me out to this day bc strike a rose is the best scented shampoo I’ve ever used.

  8. Hang Nguyen
    Hang Nguyen says:

    Wow Nizoral save my scalp life
    I suffer from painful scalp pimples ..the 1st time I use Nizoral I remembered washing off what feel like a liter of grim oil from my scalp. I’m the type of person who wash my hair every other day or everyday if I’m working so I’m not gross to have that much build up!

  9. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    would love a summer body skincare routine like fave body sunscreens and other treatment steps if you have them! and my partner loves nizoral for hair loss lol. just seems like a win win for many people with problems at the top of their head.

  10. Ti Ray
    Ti Ray says:

    I'm a fan of rose scents, too! 💗 Have you tried Whamisa's Deep Rich Toner? I feel like you would love it since it has that rose smell and serum-like texture.

  11. Shaina Ann
    Shaina Ann says:

    Kayley Melissa did an awesome review of the Function of beauty. She went super in detail of everything. I've used their products and the smell is great!

  12. Mabelyn Lien
    Mabelyn Lien says:

    I suffered from scalp psoriasis as a teen. It really brought my confidence down. But when I started using Nizoral in conjunction with prescription topicals from my derm, it really helped clear it up 👍🏼

    This was a nice video to start my day, thanks Susan!

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