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Watch the original video on @Hailey Rhode Bieber’s channel here:

Are you excited about Hailey Bieber’s skincare line and new YouTube channel? I’m really curious to see what products she puts out, and if this routine is any clue, I think we’re in for some nice products. What did you think of Hailey’s routine? Comment below! And let me know who you want me to react to next.

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32 replies
  1. Aldana Altheneyan
    Aldana Altheneyan says:

    Im nearly 15 and i got into skincare at the beginning of 2019, so 2 years ago, and I used to not use the best products, again, because i was new to it. My skincare "knowledge" has improved so much since then, i genuinely cannot believe its only been 2 years because it has grown and changed completely. A couple days ago i got a snapchat memory from exactly 3 years ago, and my eyebrows were raised and i could see a line on the top of my forehead which grabbed my attention right away because i don't have that line anymore. This is proof that protecting your skin all the time and taking care of it and learning about your own skin is so so important! Even though i was around 11 and a half at the time of the video my skin had already produced "wrinkles" despite my young age, elasticity, and collagen! When i realized that my skin has changed dramatically and in a positive way since then i was so happy because thats what truly made me realize that all my time and efforts i put into skincare hadn't gone to waste and were totally worth it!! I also have acne which kind of puts me down sometimes and makes me feel like what im doing isn't really helpful, but that situation got me out of that phase.

  2. MissHannah2036
    MissHannah2036 says:

    Hailey is no expert. She should make a disclaimer at the beginning of the video that this is the process, tools and treatments she uses. She would also have lots of facials and clinic treatments. I would say the moisturiser is probably La Mer.

  3. Rajendran AS
    Rajendran AS says:

    for the ppl blaming MY QUEEN foe "wasting water" while she didn't even:
    she probably has a water recycling system. rich ppl have those. and also she is trying to maintain the temperature of the water.

  4. Daniel A.
    Daniel A. says:

    Hailey is soooo adorable! <3 Loved her skincare routine. However, I just couldn't help worrying about the waste of water while putting the products on her face! 😛

  5. Tamara Taylor
    Tamara Taylor says:

    Hi Susan! Can you make a video about skin prep before a work day? You mentioned using a moisturizer that protects your skin from all the makeup. Thank you! 💛

  6. M
    M says:

    Anyone else get a feeling of 😬 when you hear the faucet running while she’s cleansing her face?

  7. Rina Boba
    Rina Boba says:

    i liked your point about knowing what treatments outside of skincare celebrities do because then if we CAN'T do it, we're more ok with our skin haha.

  8. kosmosbjm
    kosmosbjm says:

    I would not place the eye mask over the face mask…..leave the eye area clean to prep for the eye mask, exactly what Susan mentioned.

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