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Happy Friday! I’m excited to bring back an old series of mine and have a good ole #BeautyBattle today! Let me know if you want to see more from this series and which makeup products should battle it out! #BuyThisNotThat

Huda Silk Balm
Lawless Lip Plumping Gloss
Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand
Iconic London Sheer Liquid Bronzer
Persona Bronzer Stick
Milk Makeup Bronzer Stick
Rare Beauty Cream Blush
Fenty Cream Blush
Danessa Myricks Liquid Blush
Ilia Liquid Blush
Charlotte Tilbury Powder
Dior Powder No Powder

Drunk Elephant D Bronzi
Dermablend CC Cream
Fenty Bright Fix Concealer
Dior Powder No Powder
Il Makiage x Carli Bybel Face Palette (also on eyes)
Lawless Mascara
Il Makiage x Carli Bybel Taurus Lip Duo
Benefit Goof Proof
Top – Windsor
Shorts – Express
Nails – unsure
Jewelry – Ana Luisa

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47 replies
  1. River Barra
    River Barra says:

    Yess I enjoyed this so much and it's all your fault I bought 2 shades of the Dior powder no powder and I have to say thank you Sam best purchase ever .
    My husband why do you need 2 shades ?

  2. Farrah Mcclarity
    Farrah Mcclarity says:

    U look Beautiful🥰I love this series. Especially this year it’s been so many releases and overhyped products I don’t know what I want to purchase so this definitely helps💕

  3. Courtney Cullen
    Courtney Cullen says:

    I finished my Milk bronzer last year (which was a feat) and it remains the cream bronzer against which I measure all cream bronzer. Although I'm tempted to get a mini and have a head to head with Nudesticks,because it's definitely up there in my mind.

  4. Joyce smith
    Joyce smith says:

    I really like this type is video please keep doing these it really helps me know what’s best to buy abc you have finally sold me in the Dior powder. You look beautiful you simply glow. Love ya Sam. God Bless

  5. Melani Salibian
    Melani Salibian says:

    So of course after Dior beat CT I obviously had to buy the powder…. And maybe also the face and body foundation…. 🤡 All your fault! 😂 btw shade twins 😉 loving them both!

  6. Sarah S
    Sarah S says:

    I bought two CT contour wands and one CT spotlight highlighter during the Sephora VIB sale when they briefly popped up as back in stock because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get my hands on them. That was a couple of months ago, and they are still out of stock everywhere! I hope they aren't discontinued.

  7. Gail Viel
    Gail Viel says:

    I have the CT Powder and BRONZER! Love them….. but your recommendation convinced me to get the Dior powder! Beautiful 🤩 Thank you!

  8. Davina Lim
    Davina Lim says:

    i’m totally sold on the dior powder, as well as the kosas one actually – both are great, soft natural non-talc powders that are great for my oily skin in really humid weather!

  9. Holly Thomson
    Holly Thomson says:

    Oof girls night is going to be super awkward after that face powder pick 😳. I loved this! Maybe some eye products next time? Or even lip? I feel like either would be interesting!

  10. Janice L
    Janice L says:

    Ohhhh this was a good one! I was literally on the edge of my seat mentally when you did the blush show down and the powder show down! The Dior powder wins again! This may be too easy but how about the Mac Face & Body vs the Dior Face & Body? Also which has more coverage? I can’t believe the Dior won over Charlotte, girl that’s harsh! 😂 Also are you kidding me with the Charlotte contour wand, blush & highlight wands?? Hopefully it’s a repackaging thing. Sorry I’m late on this one! 💚💜💚

  11. Tammy Eaton
    Tammy Eaton says:

    I honestly can’t escape from the CT powder for the under eye area. It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO smooth and I can use a LESS EXPENSIVE product somewhere ELSE. I HAVE FOUND I’ve hit pan on Charlotte Tillbury fairly quickly. I think I’ll be able to stretch it out to the next VIB sale.

  12. Alie Desrosiers
    Alie Desrosiers says:

    Love this type of video as it's a guessing game for me! Got them all right and it was super fun. For gloss though, have you tried Sephora's Outrageous Plump Effect?!?! I've been using mine foe two years now and love them. They have a bit of a thicker consistency, very little tingle but they just make my lips soo juicy and eye catching.

  13. Erin Leona
    Erin Leona says:

    Ive never been a big powder person, I live in dry southern California and my skin is dehydrated AF.. BUT Im tempted to buy the Dior… been using the Laura Mercier Loose Powder for so long, and its great, super finely milled, sets makeup w/o looking like there's any powder on there, but honestly I don't even think Id realize it if a product was smoothing or blurring unless it was pretty obvious, because if not, id just think the foundation/concealer mustve applied nicer or I was having a better skin day, and I didn't notice until the light hit just right… But with drier/dehydrated skin, can a blurring/perfecting powder even work for me? since I know you're normally supposed to buff those in, and dry skin loves to think simple buffing is exfoliation and time to get all patchy. ANYWAYS…. I thinks Im gonna try it, I can always return it, AND I think Im gonna try the Rare beauty potted cream blush too, just got the liquid and wow a lil goes a long way!! And I've been putting off getting the CT contour and highlighting wand for I think over a year now. lol

  14. Ashley Kegler
    Ashley Kegler says:

    I think a super fun twist on this would be to put the all the same products in a bag or bin and blindly pick two to compare 🙂 and do it in camera so that it’s a total surprise for everyone!

  15. gingerlovesmakeup
    gingerlovesmakeup says:

    Have you tried the new L’Oréal Infallible Powder in the red packaging? I’m wondering how it compares to the Dior that I’m find less reasons not to buy every time I watch one of your videos LOL

  16. Ximena
    Ximena says:

    i like the effect of the Milk bronzer… but mine smells awful!!! and I received like that, and went to the store ans smelled the tester and also smelled terrible. I don't know if it is supposed to smell like that, or I just got a bad one. Anyone else had the same issue?

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