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Skin care shouldn’t be a daunting task. You don’t need an elaborate routine that’s going to keep you in the bathroom for 30 minutes every morning. A simple, 3-step daily routine and being mindful of a few key elements in your lifestyle is more than enough to keep your skin looking like its best self. A little time spent taking care of your skin sooner rather than later will help keep your skin looking fresh as your age, and your future self will definitely thank you for that!

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36 replies
  1. John Snow
    John Snow says:

    Tip :
    Instead of using a normal towel to path dry after your routine, I recommend using a disposable kitchen towel/ roll.
    That way you always have something clean to use on your face.
    Keep up the good work Tim 👍

  2. Asakura
    Asakura says:

    Bro you're a normie, you have low 5AR enzyme activity in your body, hence you still have a juvenile hair line and no acne, it doesn't have much to do with the products you're using

  3. z0ro_
    z0ro_ says:

    Is it wierd that sunscreen does more damage ive tried many different ones and anytime i put some on i get sun burn on the parts that have it on

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