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Asian Makeup Tutorials Compilation | New Makeup 2021 | 美しいメイクアップ/ part 131
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48 replies
  1. Алена Мигачева
    Алена Мигачева says:

    А кто-нибудь знает для чего нужны были эти ленточки в носу? Я чет придумать даже не могу🤔

    Прикольно) Но у большинства нет кардинальных изменений . Они в принципе и так норм выглядят) Просто кожу нужно выровнять и к дерматологу сходить. Но красятся они и правда круто!

  2. Мими Gadget
    Мими Gadget says:

    It is no better to take care of the health of your own skin and buy products to improve it than to apply tons of make-up which just makes more acne and other painful inflammations … Isn't it better to see a doctor and make yourself a real beauty? And not the false beauty of makeup .. 😐

  3. Avino256
    Avino256 says:

    Sure they are excellent at doing makeup but they look amazing without it- 🙂
    Just because I say this doesn’t mean I think they should stop what they are doing-
    If it makes them feel beautiful themselves then they can go ahead! BUT I don’t like the idea of them doing this because of harsh beauty standards and others harsh opinions!
    Humans are beautiful creatures though the negative may be keeping you from seeing the rest 😅
    (Sorry I was just speaking from my mind 😂 that’s why it’s not organized)

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