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Photo reference of turtle
Model: Natalie Tame.

The image I used is from my Etsy store part of the CMD Guardians 1 page set the page is called Natalie the turtle Guardian

I will be using Fabiano Clay toned paper and Prismacolor premier pencils:

Hair Tutorial

PC 140 Eggshell
PC 289 Grey Green Light
PC 941 Light Umber
PC 946 Dark Brown
PC 1080 Beige Sienna
PC 1028 Bronze
PC 1076 90% French Grey
PC 1011 Deco Yellow
PC 942 Yellow Ochre
PC 1089 Pale Sage
PC 941 Light Umber
PC 1034 Golden Rod
PC 945 Sienna Brown
PC 1072- 50%French Grey
PC 1092 Nectar
PC 916 Canary Yellow
QPC 992 Light Aqua
PC 943 Burnt Ochre
PC 938 White
PC 948 Sepia

I love creating videos which help adult colorists learn, grow, enjoy, , creating and challenge themselves. This Tutorial can be used on any image

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