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Today I am trying out the Australian Emu Apple Glowing Skin Kit from Sand and Sky!! I hope you enjoy my honest review!
Sand and Sky:
Australian Emu Apple Glowing Skin Kit:
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20 replies
  1. Celine Ferrocious
    Celine Ferrocious says:

    This sent me into a google hole of searching for what an emu Apple is haha…I too am developing my skin care routine so I’m super into this topic!! Also, did I hear you say FIVE types of hyaluronic acid??

  2. Jessica Estrada
    Jessica Estrada says:

    Seeing you put this yogurt on your face was v entertaining haha kidding! I absolutely see the plump and vibrancy. Really enjoyed this Jess. Stay moisturized!!! ☺️☺️☺️

  3. Kevin Exconde
    Kevin Exconde says:

    Products that remind you of your childhood are always A+! Love the packaging. The consistency does look like yogurt and super refreshing to put on too.

  4. Sam Elle
    Sam Elle says:

    the packaging is definitely SO SO CUUUTE!! I love that it came with a spreader. It does look like the top of like greek yogurt LOOOOOL

  5. Jamie Averna
    Jamie Averna says:

    Your tan looks so good! Also omg it just fell off what hahaha. I've actually heard of this one before, just never tried it. Love when masks make you feel great and refreshed after!!

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