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In this series, I’ll be teaching you the basics of nail art!


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30 replies
  1. Amoya
    Amoya says:

    I’ve tried using acrylic paint for outline nails and some of my clients have said that the outline disappears within a few days, despite me double coating the nail with gel top coat. How can I solve this?

  2. Valerie Martinez
    Valerie Martinez says:

    can you paint your whole nail with acrylic if I use a clear coat and cover it with top coat or is it only for details , I only use glue on nails , I saw another YouTuber use acrylic for details but I've never seen her cover a whole nail with nail polish

  3. Crystal R.
    Crystal R. says:

    Hello!! Great video!! I have been using Acrylic paint for nail art for 20 years (God that makes me feel OLD)! It's much easier to work with than nail polish, IMO.

  4. Ree MJ
    Ree MJ says:

    With a good clear base coat and a coat of polish (4 background) the metals of the metallic paints shouldn't shouldn't soak through. and of course top coat seals it in. Wouldn't use it on kids but between most (not all) people's fake nails, acrylic or gel nails base coats and polish layer, there's a LOT before a metallic streak can soak through again NOT ALL plenty of people with naturally long nails

  5. Telma Pereira
    Telma Pereira says:

    Hi there! Loved the tips but i work with gel an gel polish and i was wondering if i can apply acrylic paint on top of the gel. And after my work is done if i can top coat on top of the acrylic paint. Thank you so much 😁

  6. MJ Thomson
    MJ Thomson says:

    Hi Jaunty. With Xmas just around the corner I wanted to do some cute xmas nails with acrylic paints. However I use UV gel nail polish so was wondering if that will work. Will the acrylic paint stick to the sticky layer of the uv polish coat or will I need to remove it and then paint. However then I cannot use my uv gel top coat? Sooo ? questions questions…..

  7. Wayne Tadlock
    Wayne Tadlock says:

    Dabbled a bit with the acrylics last year. Daughter & 2 granddaughters were willing guinea's for me. It was fun. Homemade decals were cool too. Please keep up the good work and thank you. <><

  8. Amity Evans
    Amity Evans says:

    I'd love to see more stamping videos, especially showing how to make decals. I think it's an awesome technique that not enough people know about.

  9. Amity Evans
    Amity Evans says:

    Ugh, I hate Apple Barrel brand paint for some reason. I just find it to be too thick so it doesn't form nice even lines. Just my opinion. But I definitely love Americana!

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