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  1. Jannat saraf
    Jannat saraf says:

    Your shade is like this👩🏽and your foundation shade is like this👩🏻. Big
    Difference. Take a darker shade and
    Please don't think that I am being disrespectful to you.

  2. Lena Pezet
    Lena Pezet says:

    Omg magical is only thing I can say, I try it can make me as beautiful so good! I tried earlier while I wait for a friend to come over and with some music I like Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Delta Parole etc. and I already saw so much progress. Thanks for the helpful video again!!!

  3. Rajesh Barela
    Rajesh Barela says:

    I really like your makeup but I want to telling you are eyebrows are so so much so Moti hai na I think you want to be concentrate your eyebrows really good but eyebrows per dijiye

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