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OVER 65 SKINCARE ROUTINE – This has been a long-awaited video. There will be a couple of possible changes or new additions to this skincare routine in the next few months, but we’ll update you in due course. For those of you that wanted to know what skincare routine my mum is doing now…this is it.



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* DISCLAIMER – I am a qualified Aesthetician but no longer practice in a clinic or a salon as my full-time job is now Youtube. I AM NOT A QUALIFIED MAKE-UP ARTIST. Although I have an in depth knowledge about the skin, and do extensive research before filming to check facts, the opinions expressed in this video are my own. ANY FACTUAL INFORMATION WAS CORRECT AT THE TIME OF FILMING.


41 replies
  1. Maria Chivers
    Maria Chivers says:

    I am enjoying this video, but I would love to see the bottle/box of the product, because it makes it easier to remember what it looks like when you shop. Thank you

  2. F. Elena V.
    F. Elena V. says:

    I love your channel , thank you for share all your knowledge is helping me to take care of my skin now that I'm 34 . Thank you ladies , blessings

  3. Moira John
    Moira John says:

    I thought I had a good skincare regime. I use vit c a.m and alternate retinol with a rich cream at night. I use cerave to cleanse. Good nutrition, hydration etc. However I just did the Olay online skin analysis and it said I've got the skin of a 71 year old. I'm 65! Very fed up and at a loss now! Has been quite a tough year. Where am I going wrong?

  4. Marilyn W. Hill
    Marilyn W. Hill says:

    I use the Cerave you showed on my body. There are different Cerave products for face (AM w/SPF, PM same but no SPF). Facial lotions are labelled as such & different formulation with higher concentration of the 3 ceramides.

  5. Debra Ward
    Debra Ward says:

    Hydroquinone is now no longer available in Canada, even by prescription. I like your mom's simple regimen.
    We don;t have the CeraVe dry to extra dry moisturizer here. I wish I could try that.

  6. M G
    M G says:

    You mentioned in this video that you had just given your mother some new products to try and that we should look for an updated routine with the new products if they worked well for her. I’d like to take advantage of the Sephora sale and very much value your input, so I was wondering if that video is coming soon. Thanks and please thank your mother for me

  7. Sonny Moore
    Sonny Moore says:

    Question… in the video you said to use the tretinoin on dry skin but I have always heard use it on wet skin to get better absorption. Do you mind commenting on the reasoning behind dry skin? Your Mom's skin is gorgeous!

  8. Pam Russell
    Pam Russell says:

    Hello Gemma, I am a new subscriber to your channel and I have learned so much in the last 2 weeks. It’s unbelievable.
    I am 53 and very much enjoy your moms input on things. I can only hope to look that wonderful when I am in my 6o’s.
    That being said, I am going to try your skin care tips. I have been searching for something new with my aging skin and your system seems the most straightforward that I have come across. I do have a question if you would be so kind as to answer. What time frame so to speak would you add new products to your skin. I have already started with the cleansing and moisturizer process. My serums are on order but once they arrive I am a little afraid of adding everything at once in case my skin would have a reaction. How much time (days or weeks) in between introducing a new item to your skin should you wait to add the next item. I would greatly appreciate any guidance you would be willing to share. Keep up the great work , you are a blessing!

  9. -Nellie -m
    -Nellie -m says:

    I’m so glad I went searching for an updated skincare routine that your Mom does after watching your previous video of just one drugstore product, I’m using prescription strength 0.05% Retrieve which is what Retinol is called here in Australia 🇦🇺 and I’ve had no irritation what so ever from it, I’ve been using it for awhile now but it’s the highest strength that I can get on prescription here, I’d love to go up to 1% but unfortunately I don’t know how I’d be able to get it, our drugstore here started to sell some Cerave products but not all of them and most of the time they’re out of stock, I really like the CeraVe cleanser…Thank You Gemma and your Mom for doing this video, your Mom is such a lovely quiet lady. Best Wishes and Kindness from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺

  10. Cecilie Byberg
    Cecilie Byberg says:

    Thank you so much for this video from a pretty new subscriber from Norway! Love your channel. I am 52 years old and get lots of tips here. I would love to see her updated skin care routine. You both look beautiful ❤️

  11. Michelle S
    Michelle S says:

    I tried ultrasun but I find it greasy I love eucerin dry touch spf 50 also it's anti pigment and water proof, if I can't get Japanese Spf I will go to eucerin I have recently purchased a Nira skin laser for my under eye from current body it isn't cheap but it really gives results

  12. Michelle S
    Michelle S says:

    Dermatica it's the best I'm on 0.1% now I can't tell you what a difference it has made, I tried cetaphil and having used cerave for a long time I prefer cetaphil 🙏

  13. Jan Lawrence
    Jan Lawrence says:

    I’m possibly the same age as your mum? These videos have been so helpful because I’m one of those who continue to be overwhelmed by the beauty industry? I feel much more knowledgeable about skincare but still can’t get eye makeup right? Gemma, your eyes look great in this video. Am I too old for such colours? I just want my eyes to look bright instead of dull?

  14. Bobby Da Zlerr
    Bobby Da Zlerr says:

    Btw ladies, Ultrasun doesn't play nice with Niacinamide. I used it for years but changed it due to pilling. Altruist or the Body Shop SPF 50 work beautifully. 😘😘😘

  15. Melissa Aiello
    Melissa Aiello says:

    I really, really adore your videos with your mom where you talk about her skincare and makeup likes/dislikes. I'm 51, so a bit younger than her, but also so much older than so many influencers. I enjoy seeing (hearing) both your opinions! Big fan here in San Jose, CA, USA

  16. Angelina Drobina
    Angelina Drobina says:

    Ladies may I ask if you’re still loving the Bobbi brown eye cream ? I’ve ordered it based on an older video but it’s not arrived yet and I’ll return it if you have had a chance of mind xxx thanks gorgeous girls 💕💕 I have very very crepey under eyes and eyelids

  17. Jana Johnson
    Jana Johnson says:

    Gemma – I saw you talk about Niacinamide (SP?) a while back, with Buffet —- WOW! I have re-ordered those a couple of times! wonder-products for me! I will now look into the Niode eye contour drops.

  18. Marie McElligott
    Marie McElligott says:

    I use the CeraVe and love it…here in Canada we only have the normal to dry but really love. Thank you for the helpful videos!!! It’s made a difference for me 😊

  19. Amy Hennessy
    Amy Hennessy says:

    Hi Gemma. Lovely lovey video. I notice your mum uses Niacinimide, yet you use Niacinimide combined with Matrixl. I'm closer to your mum's age, wonder if I should follow her lead?

  20. Jackie Horrill
    Jackie Horrill says:

    Hi, enjoyed your Mums skincare info. I use the Ultrasun and I believe you put on clean skin before any moisturiser, wait for it to sink in then apply your skin routine.

  21. Wendy Marsh
    Wendy Marsh says:

    I was watching your face Gemma as your mum was applying her products and the love for your mum shone through your eyes. It was lovely.
    During lockdown I treated myself to the noid eye contour concentrate. My eyes are my problem area. Not sure if I'm looking for changes and willing them or if what I see is the effects of the product. It's my bit of luxury and it makes me feel good.

  22. Sue Clayton
    Sue Clayton says:

    Jan your skin looks fantastic. I have noticed some orange peel skin in my chin so have, in the past two weeks, added nicinamide to my routine. High hopes. Jan have you dropped the Bobbie Brown eye cream from your routine if so why?

  23. Maritza S
    Maritza S says:

    You're absolutely right, Gemma about the Cereve lotion. I'm in the US and they only sell the normal to dry product (which I use daily and absolutely love!) I have yet to see the dry to very dry product on the shelves here. I'm curious as to why that is?

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