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for todays video I have a tutorial of how to do dip powder nails with tips using Revel dip powder! do you guys want to see a dip tutorial on short nails?

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49 replies
  1. n Paquette
    n Paquette says:

    Hi, Do you have to do one nail at a time or can do one coat of dip powder on all nails and then proceed to apply a second dip powder coat to all nails? Thanks!

  2. Annie .C
    Annie .C says:

    Fantastic video! I'm so glad I came across you. I'm trying dip nails for the first time in about 12 years. My first attempt was yesterday and while it didn't go too badly I really wish I'd seen this video first. Still, you live and learn and I will re-watch this video again before my next attempt. I know it will make all the difference. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this video for us 🙂

  3. Jojo Louie
    Jojo Louie says:

    I've tried this 3 times and mine end up SO lumpy/bumpy/uneven! I can't seem to even them out so they are smooth after the activator is on. Any tips?

  4. Sharie Hayes
    Sharie Hayes says:

    Thank you,thank you.I enjoyed learning from u.The best video when it comes to learning dip power.I change the channel so many times until I find your.You killing it sis.let me hit that button,so I don’t miss any thing.(My first time watching your video)

  5. Cianne Z
    Cianne Z says:

    So glad I found this video! I already tried 1 attempt today and it was terrible so when I saw this and it helped me a ton!!! They look so much better!

  6. mangachanfan
    mangachanfan says:

    Hey Miss Gabby! Just a quick question: I see you have tried several different kits from different brands. Which one do you like the best? Which one do you think is the best for beginners? I want to try dip powders, but I have NEVER dipped before lol… I just hate how thick and 'bubbly' they always look because of dipping 4x-5x…
    I mainly want to try them to grow my nails out a little longer.. but I want something that I only need to dip like2x to get good color pay off and add a bit of strength and protection. while avoiding that bubble-look lol.
    Looking forward to yours or anyone else's replies! Thanks yall.
    Stay safe!! ❤️️

  7. Linsay Larson
    Linsay Larson says:

    Hi! So when you want to remove the color and you soak your nails, does the nail tip come off too? Or can you just remove color and change it with same nail tip? Just wondering if you have to put nail tips on each time until your real nails grow enough? Thanks!

  8. Jilly OConnor
    Jilly OConnor says:

    Great video, I use a dehydrator or primer on the tip of my natural nail before adding the false tip and yes, the bond adhesive of the base layer really sticks to the nail and actually lasts longer than nail glue.

  9. Taris Kennedy
    Taris Kennedy says:

    So I followed all steps exactly! (Very helpful by the way- thank you!) but the last few steps when you said to put the activator on & wipe off with a paper towel then wait about a minute & put your finishing gel on, I did that & my brush got hard. Any tips how to avoid that from happening again?

  10. Julia Adamiec
    Julia Adamiec says:

    wow I love it. I got my nails done by myself using the NAIL Kit DIP SET from KISS and I can highly recommend it. I don't know if u already know about it but you should definitely try it out. MY nails turned out amazing and I only spent $12 for the KIT.

  11. Mrs. Lady
    Mrs. Lady says:

    Great video. I have been doing polygel nails for a few months now and im tired of all the stickiness that comes with it. I just ordered my powders today so i will watching this video as i do my nails tomorrow. I have used a kit only once before (kiss nails) and i actually loved how they came out. So yea…THANKS!🙂🙃

  12. Jane Snyder
    Jane Snyder says:

    You may want to do that on a darker background because you can't really see the nail tip when you file and when you work on it because it's clear

  13. Michelle Yates
    Michelle Yates says:

    Your commentary is super entertaining! Thanks for this — I have tips coming in on Sunday and I'm a huge Revel dip powder user, so I'm glad I have a basic understanding to getting started!

  14. Jessica Welson
    Jessica Welson says:

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