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2020 was the year of skincare routine dos and don’ts. The year we discovered actives, how to read ingredient lists and how to create a perfect skincare routine….or so we thought. With a wealth of knowledge comes a wealth of confusion!
So today i’m going to share a few reasons why your skincare routine may not be working the you want it to be….and why it may suck….

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Remember that skincare is extremely personal to everybody’s skin. What works for me, may not work for you. But I hope my videos give you some good ideas for products, techniques and Ingredients to try.
Also, i’m obviously not a dermatologist or a doctor, so all opinions on products and anything else i’m presenting, is results and findings from my own experience and research.
And that’s why i’m here, to share my research and my findings that go further than what is said on the bottle or google!
But, everything I present is always a discussion for you to join in with 🙂
If you have any serious skin concerns, please see a dermatologist / doctor.
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Ad Disclaimer : The opinions expressed in my videos are all my own honest feelings. I will only work with brands and products that I truly love and use. Working with brands allows me to invest in my channel and create better quality videos for you guys 🙂

24 replies
  1. fall guy
    fall guy says:

    Cera ve and Cetaphil does nothing for me. I've tried almost every product they have in the past decade. Cera ve dries me out and Cetaphil make me greasy or red.

  2. fall guy
    fall guy says:

    I can't find a good moisturizer for during the day. I have extremely dry skin and anything to light does nothing and anything to thick makes me look so shiny and terrible.

  3. Nicole Kindelin
    Nicole Kindelin says:

    Can you do a video on managing occasional adult acne? Am I supposed to be using acne products targeted towards teens still? Why did I expect that I would never see a blackhead/pimple after I turned 20? I know you’ve mentioned this topic here and there in some of your videos, but having a review in one video would be super helpful!

  4. Layla Reids
    Layla Reids says:

    I don't have much time in the morning, to tired at end of day and cerave help me by providing multiple good ingredients in 1 product, eg ceramide in my retinol, lower risk of irritation, and some of the packaging definitely practical, like the vitamin c..

  5. el mary
    el mary says:

    I guess what I like about "skinimalism" is that I know what's going on my face. Long story short, I used to have cystic acne and would try every single product on the market without researching the ingredients- cetaphil, cerave, nivea, l'oreal, l'occitane- you name it, I've used it. But if something is simply labelled "niacinimide" I can research that ingredient to predict the outcome on my skin, without a) blindly trusting and wasting money on something that might not work and b) ruining my moisture barrier.

  6. Tesa Silva
    Tesa Silva says:

    I'm in southeastern Texas where winter lasts about 12 weeks 🤣 so my winter routine is only slightly different from my summer. In the winter i don't normally wash in the morning as i find it more drying. In the summer i cleanse morning and night because Texas.

  7. Anthony Couture
    Anthony Couture says:

    For that last point that’s why I still love Paula’s Choice. They aren’t anything new or cutting edge, usually going the route of more traditional ingredients like retinoids and benzoyl peroxide. But the way they formulate the recipes shows a level of experience that most other cosmo brands just don’t have.

  8. Susie Rose
    Susie Rose says:

    I have a friend who used CeraVe for her acne prone, sensitive skin for a couple of months and all it did was make her break out. She gave it a solid chance, then switched to something else. Not everything works for everyone. 🤷

  9. Susie Rose
    Susie Rose says:

    I can't imagine slugging/using a mask and not washing the next morning. My skin would be so heavy and gross. Sometimes I can get away with micellar water followed by a rinse, but regular water just doesn't cut it.

  10. Ava B
    Ava B says:

    1. Not cleansing your face in the morning – Leaves product residue 0:58
    2. Thinking too much about layering – 2:57
    3. Misconception that clinical packaging = good product – The packaging doesn't have to be minimalistic to be simple or good 5:04
    4. Using too many single ingredient products – Formulated products can better simplify skincare rather than adding too many single ingredient steps 8:02

  11. Kala Bonecutter
    Kala Bonecutter says:

    So I just recently started watching you and your brother and I'm obsessed! You guys give such great tips! I always used face wipes to take off makeup and y'all said those were horrible so I quit and got a makeup/cleanser and an exfoliant from Aveeno. Learning alot from you both! Lots of love from WV!

  12. Alexis Michos
    Alexis Michos says:

    Or you could be bougie like you and think you have to spend a ton of money on products for them to work 🙄 CeraVe works amazing, get over yourself.

  13. hallmark
    hallmark says:

    I don't feel like shiny foreheads and cheeks screams healthy skin to me. It's really unappealing and looks sticky and awful.

  14. Busra Duran
    Busra Duran says:

    It is a video that breaks the taboos for sure. However I believe that using single ingredients has really beneficial. For people who has sensitive, acne prone skin, different ‘well combined’ products can cause dryness, break outs or irritation because of one of the ingredient in them( and you may never know the which ingredient). Finding the right combination needs too much effort, time and money. So like James says, the important thing is that knowing the needs of the skin and try to avoid the unnecessary products and using the product based on your own skin concerns, not because an influencer says that it is a life changing product.

  15. Farhiya A
    Farhiya A says:

    thanks to corona I got hooked on skincare. first cerve then ordinary then Korean skin care. I realize I perfer minimal products.

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