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Hi pals! Missed you and hope you’re hanging in there. Today I’m going over a few new (and old) favorite products as well as AT HOME IPL HAIR REMOVAL?! Make sure to subscribe and follow me on IG at @MargueriteROUGE 🙂

Comment to let me know what else you want to see! Blue Sea Kale Grapefruit Deep Pore Exfoliating Face Mask: $10.99 ULTA
TONYMOLY Golden Piggy Collagen Mask- $19 ULTA Sea Lavender & Jojoba Night Concentrate Facial Serum- $11.99

Olay Serum Sticks: 10.99 with code (Brightening, Cooling, and Refreshing)

Pacifica Sea & C spf serum- $16 ULTA

Milk Piggy Retinol Cream: $11 amazon

COSRX: lightening c liquid- Soko glam $27

AT HOME LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Beamia At-Home IPL Hair Removal System Permanent Painless Hair Remover Device for Women Men Facial and Full Body, Upgraded to 999,999 Flashes

28 replies
  1. Lizziebeaaar
    Lizziebeaaar says:

    Can i use this without shaving my face? My facial hair is thin. Or can i use nair days before i do this? Im pretty hair so i dont wana shave my face😅

  2. sakanet
    sakanet says:

    Marguerite, I am not even high and you are so hilarious! Here's a question, do you think it would be safe to use it on ears, i got hairy ears, I trim them often but rather not to have them at all. Thanks for the video!

  3. Maddie Clark
    Maddie Clark says:

    Oh my God, you are so funny 🤣 Just got this in the mail and I'm totally ready after this video. Thanks for sharing!

    Do you think I should avoid applying makeup immediately after using the device on my facial hair? Sorry if you answered this in the vid…

  4. lynzi loo
    lynzi loo says:

    I’ve been considering buying this so I found your vid when looking for reviews and “I’m a pothead and i wanted pot pits” made me cackle 🤣 thank you kindly.

  5. Ann Marie Paul
    Ann Marie Paul says:

    I just bought this IPL laser because I paid over $1k on full body laser hair removal… and still need more sessions. I think the salon hair removal really did make a big difference so I’m excited to see if it helps me out with the spots that need more attention.

    My upper lip hurt SO BAD and I made the woman stop! You said it’s painless so I’m hoping I have the same pain tolerance as you lol

  6. Kelli Copter
    Kelli Copter says:

    I howled when you did your lip 😅 sounded like you were doing and MJ impression! Love your personality, I still can’t decide wether to get one of these, they are spooky!

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