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-Age: 22 (October 20th) Libra baby
-Ethnicity: Puertorican 🇵🇷
-Location: Texas 🌵
-Camera to Film: Sony ZV-1

0:00 Holaaaa
0:37 Body Washes
5:45 Exfoliating
9:41 Feminine Hygiene
19:29 Body Glow
23:32 Fragrances
25:44 Teeth Whitening

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41 replies
  1. Taisha
    Taisha says:

    Hope you enjoyed this girl talk video 🤍 Let me know some of your recommendations + tips ! sending everyone lots of love especially my beautiful island during these hard times 🇵🇷

  2. Headchangee
    Headchangee says:

    I thought I was the only one that used conditioner to shave lol , I never really buy shave creme or gel , I just buy a big bottle of coconut milk conditioner 5$ and it last me longer then having to keep buying shaving gel , plus it makes shaving my lady area so much easier and makes my skin super soft . ❤️❤️lmao " I never been to Italy " but in my head 🥲😂

  3. naaanii
    naaanii says:

    I recently got a Brazilian Wax and yes it is intense! Pain tolerance varies on each person but I would highly recommend to get a Brazilian Wax! Make sure you read the reviews and the person who does them knows what their doing. Overall, my experience was amazing and I can see a huge difference! Also, thank you for all your recommendations (:

  4. Raquel Cuellar
    Raquel Cuellar says:

    This might sound weird, but could we get a video of the setup in your bathroom with the everyday products that you use, if you haven't done one yet. Also love watching your videos ♥️

  5. Marge Simpsson
    Marge Simpsson says:

    In sweden tree hut scrubs cost 150kr (15$) because we have to ship them from america….😭. And only three scents are available. I would really love to test them but i cant afford…
    Also just a tip, (my mom is a gynecologist) dont use anything in the vagina if a gyno did not tell you to do it.
    I really appreciate you saying ”do your own reasearch” because many youtubers say what they use and then young girls will think they need to use it too. You can not ”clean out” the vagina because its already clean in there.
    You should always be careful about femenine hygeine products, since many of them have are marketed to women to make us feel unclean, so we think we need them. But more often than not, they cause more harm than good. One ingredient in many femenine products are bad for us, for example glycerine. It can cause yeast, because its a type of sugar.
    Also, wipes are very very bad for the enviroment, even flushable.
    Oh and i forgot, if you want to wash the VULVA (never vagina), dont use honey pot. Use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, or just an oil. And never use perfume, but i think most people know that.

  6. J Lopez
    J Lopez says:

    The same thing happens to me with the honey pot wash. I just went on Amazon and bought a foaming pump bottle and pour the honey pot wash in there and keep it in my shower

  7. Wilma Rodriguez
    Wilma Rodriguez says:

    There is another product to clean vaginally, especially after menstruating, sold at drug stores called, NORFORM SUPPOSITORY they are safer than douching

  8. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    THANK YOU for mentioning the thong pantie liner girl i had no idea they made those and i would use a normal pantie liner but its annoying because it always shows im so glad you told us about that one im getting some tomorrow !

  9. msbriannagee
    msbriannagee says:

    I really loved this video & how in depth it was! I'm so glad I started watching your videos again, I left YouTube for a little break but now I'm back! I have the Olay body conditioner & tried it once but wasn't super impressed but now watching your video I want to give it another shot, I also want to try the coffee scrub & the frank body scrub. I love the tree hut & Dove scrubs already, my 2 favorite go to's!😍 I feel you on the waxing comment but I got tired of waxing my bikini area so now I get Brazilian's, it does hurt in the beginning but the more you go, it doesn't hurt as bad. Sometimes it doesn't even hurt or its just a quick feeling of pain. Also depends on who you go to, I've been doing it for a little over a year & now I'm never going back to shaving lol can you do a video of different scents you like? I liked when you said you like to layer your scents but I can't figure out how I want to layer my scents, I have a hard time finding things that work together. I like tropical/coconut, fresh & floral, fruity scents but don't know what shower gel, lotion & perfume goes well. Help me Taisha! 😅

  10. Jessica P
    Jessica P says:

    The pump on your bottle gets ruined from the temperature in your bathroom. Idk science enough to explain it but basically it’s bc it gets so hot during your shower and the air pressure in the bottle changes and then it gets cold after you finish showering and the hot air leaves so the pressure changes again, over time it ruins the pump. Something like that 😂😂😂😂

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