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Hey Guys I have been on my laser hair removal journey for over a year now and I am so glad I can share this with you! Please stay tuned til the end for my before and after pictures!!

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  1. x0x0kaylah
    x0x0kaylah says:

    Thanks for sharing ! I plan on going to get my bikini lasered on Friday 🥴 and I’m scared lol but I’ve been doing waxes for so long .. I need something different!

  2. Keanna
    Keanna says:

    Thank you for sharing!!! So tired of the hyperpig. & irritation left on my chin/upperlip from constant tweezing/wax. Turns out I’m from the Queens area. If you saw how big I smiled!! I am definitely looking into this spa 🙌🏾

  3. Maria Dekle
    Maria Dekle says:

    I have been dealing with unwanted hair on my chin for years and thought about getting laser hair removal for awhile. Today I get this conformation and scheduled my consultation with a dermatologist. This was the push I needed. Thank you and happy new year. Subscribed!

  4. I am Kesha
    I am Kesha says:

    Thank you for this information. As a breast cancer survivor, I started noticing facial hair because of the medication. (Hair growing on my face not my receding {from braids} hairline.🤬🤬) So I’m planning on trying this. BUT, I do want to know what do you call your braids and their hair used 😬😳.

  5. SwannLake *
    SwannLake * says:

    Did my first treatment today. It’s so embarrassing & I feel like everyone notices the bumps & discoloration. I wasn’t expecting the “sting” but I’m looking forward to seeing some results

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