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I’ve been waiting to record this for ages now! I’m finally on my laser journey again after 2 years of not having it done at the salon. These really are the best results you can ask for!
I can’t wait to see the progress in the next couple of months!

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Pulse light clinic-

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  1. F Aggrey
    F Aggrey says:

    So I came here from seeing your comment on the Pfb vanish chromabright product on Amazon as I was trying to find more reviews on it before I buy it.

    I also get laser hair removal done at Pulse clinic and 100% relate to your struggles during the pandemic with appointments etc. My experience with them has been great so far I’d say and I think they are currently taking in laser hair removal clients who have been diagnosed with PCOS, so you should be able to get booked.

    Also one tip for when you are being treated is to not hold your breathe. Take deep breathes in and out during the treatment, I find that helps a lot with managing the pain and allowing them to do large areas without taking a break. I’m currently also doing my chin, neck, armpit, legs, navel, bikini line, and perianal area (the struggle is real!) and trust that it gets better! Wished I could do electrolysis but that would cost a fortune and take way way longer to see any difference.

    You are very pretty, don’t let this condition or any one tell you otherwise! Keep smiling!

  2. Mena Bo
    Mena Bo says:

    I used to have the same exact problem and I did have a professional IPL treatment. It took about a year but I'm finally free of it (it's been a year). And the last months I just had to go once a month.

  3. Jovita M
    Jovita M says:

    You are so relatable!!!! Everything uve said in your video sounds like me. Its crazy and it is one of my biggest insecurities. During lockdown i havent been able to get waxed and threaded so have been waxing myself however this past week ive had ingrown hairs develop and its driving me nuts! Thank you for the review! I almost feel like wearing a mask has helped me cover my whole chin area and thats the one thing that has benefited me during the pandemic. I never take my mask off!

  4. saving gift
    saving gift says:

    A lot of businesses lost money during Covid so I have been more understanding. My treatment got delayed but I got a text and was more understanding knowing they could not open. Their website is comprehensive and they have many informative videos on YouTube. Your complaint is excessive and I was irritated.

  5. TheLady2luv
    TheLady2luv says:

    Hi dear, thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been doing laser hair removal now for 4 years and recently did electrolysis. Unfortunately for me some my hairs in some areas like on my face grew back thicker so I resulted to electrolysis after a friend recommended the treatment. You’ll still need maintenance sessions after your 6/8 treatments as laser is permanent hair reduction not permanent removal so hair will still come back but with maintenance sessions over years should be less and less. The only treatment that was permanent was electrolysis. I resulted to this after my hairs grew back thicker on my face. It was much more painful since it uses a needle and zaps the hair follicle but this at the moment is the only permanent hair removal method that has worked for me. It might be helpful for you.

  6. AngelAspen
    AngelAspen says:

    I have the same thing as you but mine is really bad and because of it I feel uncomfortable unless I try and hide it with foundation. I've wanted to get lasering done but places I looked at were quoting £900 for the beard area, which is crazy expensive. Even though the one you've gone to is expensive it's more affordable and I may go to the same place to get it done.

  7. ThatBe
    ThatBe says:

    Maybe I've missed it your previous videos. Why not try electrolysis for thr chin and neck? The hair on the face is aggressive and harder to get rid of and electrolysis is more permanent than laser.

  8. Renea story
    Renea story says:

    Awww, we love you just the way you are. Beautiful on the outside and the inside. I’m dealing with the same issues 😔 Thanks for always being so transparent with us.

  9. Nicola Star
    Nicola Star says:

    Aww sweetheart thank you for sharing your journey you are not alone🙏🏾🥰 i would like to share my story with you too.

    Sooo basically, last year a few hairs started popping up on my chin and i decided to get laser hair removal to "fix it"…..WORST DECISION EVER!!! after my second session lockdown started and i couldnt keep up with my sessions because the clinic closed. so loadssss of hair started growing all over my chin underneath and a little on my neck all of which didnt exist prior to laser. It was really affecting my confidence bringing me to tears most days. I started doing more research on laser and found that i was not the only black woman that this had happened too. Because of the heat of the laser it can stimulate dormant hair follicules hence why hair started to grow that wasnt there before. There are even studies/experiements where bald men are getting laser on their heads to stimulate hair growth. I was Mortified!!! Fast forward to July lockdown has eased up, i started going to electrolysis sessions where their treat each hair follicule individually by electricuting and killing each individual follicule. After just six weeks of appointments my chin looks amazing!!!!! I would recommend elecrolysis over laser everytime! However there is a lady on youtube called eva her channel is "bay harbour med spa" and she specialises in hair removal and discolouration treatment for black skin. She recommends at least 15-20 sessions of laser for succussful hair removal.

    Regardless of ehich trewtment option you go for, i would recommend this product called pfb chromobright vanish.its good for ingrown hairs and any discolouration that is left behind. Its a fantastic exfoliant. I also use the ordinary alpha arbutin and ascorbic acid serum to deal with hyperpigmentation. I dont use them on the same day i use pfb for about 3 days after hair removal and then use serum until my next appointment.
    Ok woooow, ive never left a comment this long just wanted to give proper details😂

    Also if PCOS is causing this, have you considered the keto diet to help manage the insulin resistance?

    Good luck on your journey girlll youre beautiful regardless🥰🥰

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