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This was probably my most fav look ive ever done on my channel so far!!
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  1. K Jay
    K Jay says:

    It would look alot better without the nose contour, not only can u see the lines on your nose which obviously no one actually has in real life but it looks extreme next to the bold eye. Less is more when contouring

  2. Lisa-Marie
    Lisa-Marie says:

    " I look like I've got my makeup done professionally"….

    ME: but…you did girl!! 😍

    An absolutley stunning look…the perfection is captivating. ⭐

    I really DO love it…If I could master the eyebrows even
    I'd be happy! XX
    🔥 💞 ⭐ 👑

  3. Brionna Janae
    Brionna Janae says:

    GIRL SAME!!! I thought it was just me!!! I literally don’t like to run errands in make up or certain clothes by myself! I try to look as crusty as possible so no one bothers me 😩

  4. MoonLady
    MoonLady says:

    I have seen many make up tutorials over the years.. but this look is something else maybe because your eyes are also very mysterious✨ love it maybe some Arabian looks in the future they are heavy with the eyes ✨

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