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Hi guys! hope you enjoyed this video! Let me know in the comments what you want to see from me!

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22 replies
  1. Brandi Selvy
    Brandi Selvy says:

    I love the Bianca leggero as well but also think that it wasn’t enough. I found out by accident that you can do two coffees from one pod. After the first is done pouring I just push the button again and it gives me the same amount another time. I dunno how much caffeine it makes doing it that way but it’s soooo good!

  2. Binx 1931
    Binx 1931 says:

    anything anything anything lol I'm just so happy to see you back your oldest og who is older then dirt probably too old to follow you but here I am lol I agree with indie waking up anytime sucks but especially in the morning she is beautiful like her mom. omg her little belly sticking out that is every women when they walk in the door and fling your bra off lol

  3. Crystal Palacios
    Crystal Palacios says:

    Omg the Bianco leggero is my favvvv. I drink it iced though! I add a splash of milk, ice, Bianco leggero and I froth my creamer cold n add that on top. N I have that same Mom mug 🙂

  4. Stephanie S
    Stephanie S says:

    Have you ever gotten a cheap ice cube tray and put coffee or creamer in it instead of water? So that your coffee doesn’t get watered down? Could be worth a shot with those iced coffee ones you don’t like?

  5. Crystal Golden
    Crystal Golden says:

    Definitely a more realistic day for a mommy! I appreciate that! Grumpy baby days can be really tough but you balanced it well! Good job taking care of Indie as well as your own mental & physical health!!! As Mommies we can’t forget about ourselves even though our kids are the absolute 1st priority.

  6. The CastFam
    The CastFam says:

    I cant get over that you’re finally back babyyyy hahaha omgg lovee thissss 😍😍😍 I found your channel on 2019 when I was pregnant, I followed all of your pregnancy journey and I was obsessed with all of your videos then you just stopped uploading & I was like noooo 😩 hahaha im just so glad your finally back yayy 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  7. Kimber D
    Kimber D says:

    I tried Nespresso Vertuo pods and they just weren’t it for me so I went back to the original pods, and invested in a Kitchen Aid OG Nespresso pod machine……I’ll never look back.

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