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-Clear Salon Pro Nail Tips 500pcs
-Crystal clear acrylic
-Toasted rose acrylic
-Celebrations glitter
-Halo glitter
-Super gloss no wipe top coat
-Acrylic brush


44 replies
  1. Roonique Boutique Nails
    Roonique Boutique Nails says:

    I just got my hands on a size 12 you've got this brush and I'm loving it! That clear acrylic and gloss topcoat look amazing too so it looks like I'll be placing an order soon! Lol.. Good to have you back Lorna, amazed you've found the time, you must be run off your feet! Tfs.. 😍😍💕💕Xxx

  2. phiona parkinson
    phiona parkinson says:

    Yay She's back😉 can't wait till your system can be shipped internationally. I'm all the way down in little ole NewZealand. I already have some glitters and a brush from #glitterplanet
    Your the best from @divasenvegasnz 😊😉🤗😇

  3. Stine Kirkeby
    Stine Kirkeby says:

    Thank you SO much! I placed an order last Thursday and you shipped it within an hour I think! And now I just got a confirmation notification from the post office, that the package will arrive tomorrow. The exact day I need it for a client. I CANT wait to open it and see my lovely items and new brush. I really thought the package would not arrive in time, because I live in Denmark. But because you where so quick it made it. Love you guys ❤️

  4. Nic. Ole.
    Nic. Ole. says:

    I can't wait till your monomer and primer can be shipped internationally! ❤ do you guys have any recommendations of a monomer that possibly doesn’t burn your nose hairs off lol. Thanks

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