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Hi, guys in this video I answered all the questions you guys had about at home laser hair removal, hope these answers help you clear all your doubts ❤️
If you have any other questions please leave a comment down below!
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Thanks for watching my video ❤️
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At home laser removal
How to get rid of hair permanently

26 replies
  1. Uthara
    Uthara says:


    just started watching ur vids! love ur personality mate!!
    btw i have a question to ask…
    in what dierection should we shave our arms nd legs!?

    keep goin!! lov yaaa


  2. Freya_Valantine
    Freya_Valantine says:

    Yea i can't buy this
    But i want to
    It is not available here in my place
    And even if it is available here
    my mom won't let me buy one

  3. sunaina gope
    sunaina gope says:

    I am just curious but no hate in your description in the last part you wrote a little about your self and you also mentioned your height but you did so many height challenge and you still have the same height but in the videos you said that you grew so why did you write your same height were you faking or what please explain

  4. Aarti Sinha
    Aarti Sinha says:

    Problem with laser for brown skin is that they might damage brown skin as laser works on dark parts. So will that problem continue with ipl as well ?

  5. SAMIA
    SAMIA says:

    I’m like light to medium fair skin tone and some parts of my body like my armpits, knees and vag are so much darker than my skin and it makes me super insecure so can I also do those Parts because laser also lightens skin tone and makes it even so do u recommend for those areas ??? Please let me know wew

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