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I just started watching Lily Collins in Emily in Paris on Netflix, so today I’m reacting to her skincare routine! She has a pretty simple routine, and I think with a few changes it can be an awesome routine. What did you think of Lily’s routine? And are you watching Emily in Paris?

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35 replies
  1. udit sahu
    udit sahu says:

    That’s why I like Susa and not Hiram because Hyram is so dramatic when it comes to essentials oils if it works for them then why being so dramatic in this thing Susan is way more better than hyram not just for essential oils but other thing too

  2. shelleyj89
    shelleyj89 says:

    I’m a big no to the Cetaphil cleanser. I have an allergy to SLS – it causes the edges of my eyes to go dry, cracked and then bleed. I didn’t realise it was this ingredient till I realised it was in both this and an acne cream I was prescribed when I was younger. I had to stop using that and switch to a different one because of this.

  3. Amaka Amuwa
    Amaka Amuwa says:

    I think the people in the commentsdont know that she is starting on a bare face and in about to put makeup on her face. So I'm sure cetaphil is enough at least in this case

  4. Talia abu
    Talia abu says:

    I have been struggling with melasma above the lip for many years. I wear sunscreen religiously, but the upper lip area tends to sweat and I think this reduces sun protection. However, and it was a very pleasant surprise, wearing a face mask since Covid-19 began has helped so much. The hyperpigmentation is almost gone completely. Just wanted to share. Thank you for your videos!

  5. katofrie
    katofrie says:

    Cetaphil isn't hydrating at all… It's so hard and it dries out my skin to where it feels like I can't move my face! I have to use hypoallergenic products and get atopic dermatitis on my skin if it's not hydrated enough… So I wouldn't recommend :p

  6. Laura Bársony
    Laura Bársony says:

    Why is Emily in Paris unrealistic? This is the most realistic show I've ever seen. I felt connected with it on so many different levels & relived so many of my past experiences. Anyone could be Emily. And everyone is already Emily: having a new job, feeling alone, wanting to achieve success even though everything is against us!!?? This show is about everyone. This is about life.

  7. Avery Rose
    Avery Rose says:

    Hello! I am making my gramma a skincare routine for Christmas and I’m worried that it’s not good enough, she has very dry skin and milia bumps. I got her squalene, Rose hip oil and hyaluronic acid all from the ordinary, will these products help?

  8. Sarah Bahny
    Sarah Bahny says:

    Hi Susan! I know that you suffer from hypothyroidism and understand some of the skin issues that come with it. I just found out that I have both hashimotos hypothyroidism, as well as Celiac disease. Are there any skincare products you would recommend that would help dry, aging skin that are gluten free?

  9. A P
    A P says:

    You should react to MELANIE MURPHY's skincare because she has a Goddess like skin. She has also struggled with acne in the past. And she also has a facial massage and pregnancy skincare routine videos on her channel.

  10. Jewel J.
    Jewel J. says:

    Susan, this video was great and all but can we talk about your perfect white shirt? Can you share details please? It’s so crisp and fits nicely. I need it in my life lol

  11. ello
    ello says:

    Hiya, love how you're educating us, Susan! Could you maybe do a video on the foreo cleansing brushes, espescially the anti aging mode?

  12. Nichole D
    Nichole D says:

    Everyone should know who Phil Collins is. Even if they're not familiar with his songs from the radio, he's the guy who sings all the songs in Tarzan!

  13. mia nicole davies
    mia nicole davies says:

    lily is one of my favourite actresses ever and meeting her once was the highlight of my life! i'm not watching emily in paris though, unsure if it'll be my thing tbh! lily's skincare is so different to what i thought it would be!

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