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For today’s video I tried “At home Laser Hair Removal”! It was super interesting to see if it worked or not… I definitely think this is something worth investing in, it saves you money in the long run! However, make sure to do you research thoroughly! You don’t want NO companies scamming you!

Laser Hair Removal used in video:

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19 replies
  1. Emily Rose
    Emily Rose says:

    I could have told you with the research I've been able to pull over the last 6 years there was no reason to buy this seriously look up hair removal research there is no documented clinical studies that supports the reasoning it to use these devices and guess what else clinical trials are tested on people mostly in Africa and India and I shouldn't need to go into details why that's not a good sign and before you say over the Cosmetic issue that's the BF they want you to believe so you don't ask questions because if that were the case why is there's so much research and development on hair loss and hair loss prevention which is a cosmetic issue yet no one thought to utilize the knowledge that they know on hair loss to better improve hair removal and before you can say well it caused by medical issues with very little control from the recipient so is hair growth ever heard of Hirsutism or Hypertrichosis

  2. Zeest Jalib
    Zeest Jalib says:

    I want to know a few things.
    1: If I use it every week do I shave every week as well? ( I have always waxed so I am really confused about shaving)
    2: Is it okay to use on face?
    3: Can it be only used immediately after shave or I can shave and then use it the next day?

  3. Krina
    Krina says:

    Gurl the red thing is SR. You have to remove it to reveal the part for removing body hair. It took me a whole session to realise that lol

  4. Melanie Sandoval
    Melanie Sandoval says:

    So, the red adapter is for the SR function! This is for skin rejuvenation. Please read the instructions 👏🏽 for hair removal on legs/arms don’t use any adapter, the smaller one is for face and bikini line

  5. mun aa
    mun aa says:

    Thank you for this video! Can you share your experience after using it several times? would you recommend it? I have similar hair and skin as yours

  6. Vell
    Vell says:

    This is an IPL device though isn’t it? OPT is just enhanced, advanced and improved version of IPL. Laser penetrates deeper than IPL

    Anyway, keep it up 🙂

  7. Ivy Wren
    Ivy Wren says:

    Thanks for sharing. This video is about a month old now. Do you and your mom still feel the same about it? Was your hair still growing after professional laser treatments?

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