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for today’s video I finally tried stamping nail art! so this is pretty much a stamping nail art tutorial, stamping tips, and my first time stamping all in one! All the stamping nail supplies I’m using are from Maniology

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..and if you’re new to my channel..hi & welcome! My name is Gabby and I post anything and everything nail related..from nail art compilations, to dip powder tutorials, gel polish tutorials and polygel gel tutorials. I also share my nail hacks and tips that are perfect for anyone who is looking to do their nails right at home!


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  1. Christa Prim
    Christa Prim says:

    Love your videos. One thing I notice though, is you are using too much polish. You want to put a little on one end of the plate design then pull over the entire design with a 45 degree scraping motion.

    JASNA GILL says:

    I think gabby used too much nail polish… I think it's fine if you do one swipe in the direction your scraping and it will cover everything depending on the size of the picture (2 depending on the size of the picture) that might be me tho lol

  3. Manicentric
    Manicentric says:

    I absolutely LOVE stamping!!! Maniology is one of my fave brands and the square can be used for creating a gradient or smoosh mani. Thank you so much for using two of my fave plates. I also recommend BM XL 501 when it comes back in stock!

  4. B H
    B H says:

    I've tried but had issues with stamping. It's always been hit or miss, and I screw up a lot of my prepared nails, which 😠!Your video is inspiring and I'll keep at it. Britt TFS 😊

  5. Moving and Shaking
    Moving and Shaking says:

    Orly Bonder Base provides a tacky base for stamping. So, you can take your time cleaning the stamper or filling in the designs before transferring it to your nail. Just paint the bonder bade over your background color and let it dry then stamp away💁‍♀️

  6. Sabi
    Sabi says:

    Gabby! Finally OMG 😁❤️❤️😍 Welcome! I started stamping in 2010, and have about 400 plates now. I absolutely love stamping – personally and on clients.

    You only need a line of polish on the image, no need to cover the design on the plate completely. Will make your polish reach a little longer and waste less. Scrape and work a tad faster.

    The reason why your circle was missing was because it's a large spaced image, sometimes scrapers are too soft and will scrape down into the image, they also dry a little faster so you have to work faster too. This is why it's good to have a selection of different hardness cards. Credit cards are amazing for bigger open designs and more flexible ones great for line art.

    Lint rollers and scotch tape is your best friend. You can clean both stampers and your cuticles with them for the leftover and excess stamped design.

    Don't let your base coat dry completely, you can rock your stamp back and forth, but it will not stick as well on a complete dry or matte surface. Have a little tack or have a travel hairspray handy and spray just a little on the nail, a clear tacky coat of polish or even transfer foil even and the stamp will transfer much easier.

    Lastly, go get the free starter kit with maniology ! 😍😍 – and sign up for the ambassador programme! 😘❤️❤️❤️

    I can't wait to see more stamping from you! You did so fantastic with these manis, but you always do. I love your aesthetic 😍 Lots of love! 😘❤️Xx

  7. Elizabeth C
    Elizabeth C says:

    During the pandemic last year,,I purchased tons of plates and also have maniology polish and plates and even purchased a cute case for the plates lollll girl I was ready and just couldn't get it right at all so I put them away and went on to other nail stuff,,,, but as I watched your video today, there were a few things I was doing wrong,,,,I will be dusting off the plate case and give it a try ,,,,thanks, great video 🤗👍💐🥳😁🫂

  8. sunnyside28up
    sunnyside28up says:

    Hi Gabby! I'm so glad you decided to try stamping and share your beginner's journey with us. I was going to request this method since I started my own stamping journey a few months ago, but thought it was too "basic" for a talented artist like you 😅 FYI – you can get mini stamper heads for individual designs from Aliexpress. They're mounted on the end of what looks like a pen essentially, so they're easy to handle! Much love ❤️

  9. Celine London
    Celine London says:

    All the designs are beautiful, I really like stamping, you can have a gorgeous design without having to freehand ( your freehand work is fantastic😊) great choice for the stamp, the first stamp I had didn’t have mirror😬 that wasn’t fun lol. Looking forward to your next vid😊

  10. Aileen Fernandez
    Aileen Fernandez says:

    I can't get the design on the stamper. I tried rolling or just up and down….I really want it to work. I bought a bunch of stencils about a year and a half ago and I only got it to work once. maybe I'll try again.

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