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With so many new products coming out everyday, especially those that give us that “no makeup” makeup look, I’ve had to take a step back a few times and stop myself from becoming truly dependent on them. I won’t be giving up my makeup faves anytime soon but I do think its extremely important to learn how to love the skin you’re in just the way it is. I do not believe you should need to purchase products or get treatments done to feel or look pretty without makeup, even though I do mention a few things that I feel help in this video, I honestly believe the biggest impact comes from what’s on the inside.

I’m so excited to share my tips, tricks and (hopefully) positive encouragement with you guys and give you the tools and my little words of wisdom to look and feel beautiful without makeup.

XX Laura

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9 replies
  1. Alexandra Martinez
    Alexandra Martinez says:

    would love a self confidence video 💛 I just got my first self tanner this past weekend, Im excited to use it this week!! your hair definitely looks so healthy! loved this video and the message so much!

  2. Athina
    Athina says:

    I love this!! Covid seriously helped me with becoming more comfortable in my own skin and feeling confident without wearing makeup. I seriously couldn’t even go to our complex pool without wearing makeup before. I love curling my hair too and having a fresh hair with a bare face! And I feel amazing in a matching set!! Loved this Laura! 🤍

  3. Michelle Alvarez
    Michelle Alvarez says:

    Yessss self tanning is a game changer!! I still have acne scars so the tanner actually makes the scars pop out but I just love a good tan! Yes please do a confidence video, I need that! I love how confident you are and the way you carry yourself, you are a queen! I love the clear face tanner, I will definitely check it out omg!

  4. OhHeyShy
    OhHeyShy says:

    Would love to see a hair care routine and the video about not giving a fudge 🤣🙈lol I love that saying, and love this video. Self care is the best care 🥰

  5. Dana Alicia Hernandez
    Dana Alicia Hernandez says:

    You are truly beautiful😊 I definitely agree with what you said about eating and drinking healthy real foods, I know that plays a huge part in how our skin looks and how we feel long term! Now I guess that means I’ll need to start cutting back on all the brownies I’m eating🤣

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