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Chloe Fineman knows a thing or two about skin care hacks, whether it’s using delightfully fragrant serums as perfumes, doubling moisturizers as highlighters, or utilizing a dog bowl as a sink. The SNL comedian is also all about a “bicoastal” skin care regimen, applying a balanced blend of products with both natural and chemical ingredients. In this episode of #GoToBedWithMe, Fineman breaks down her Saturday Night routine for achieving dewy and hydrated skin.

As SNL’s 46th season comes to a close, the comedian lets BAZAAR in on the magic that makes her uncanny impressions so endearing. Check out the story from our May 2021 issue here:

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Editor: Lauren Paige McCall
Graphics: Erin Lux

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Chloe Fineman’s Hydrating Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

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35 replies
  1. loupiote
    loupiote says:

    amazing how so many people get into biologique recherche without looking up the products first and then are surprised to have some kind of reaction to the p50 when the brand itself tells EVERYONE to start with the p50W to avoid said reaction……

  2. Rinie Nhu Vo
    Rinie Nhu Vo says:

    She did it wrong in first step which can cause blind pimple. When cleaning with oil, you MUST EMULSIFY CLEANING OIL which means after massaging oil on your face to remove make up, you wet your hands and massage your skin, to emulsify the cleansing oils. You will find the oil dissolving under your fingers and turning a milky white. This is what removes the oily feeling on the skin. After a while, wet your hands again with a little more water and massage again. Until no more oil feeling on face left, that when you can clean face with foam cleanser……Double Cleaning is great, but you must do it right.

  3. HaiDera Hollins
    HaiDera Hollins says:

    She's cute & funny, but Harper please at least require your guests to wear pj's and pretend like they're going to bed. All she had to do is add SPF and she'd be ready to step out….cuzzzzz she's in her outside clothes 🙄

  4. Evening Star
    Evening Star says:

    Since I was curious, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!, about the oil that she used as a topper at the end. It’s strictly just a mixture of various oils. It has no cleansing agents in it. They market it as an oil cleanse and a moisturizer. Meaning an oil cleanse of pure oils. Thought I would clear up any confusion, including my own lol!

  5. Michelle Kennedy
    Michelle Kennedy says:

    Honestly curious,would putting on a cleansing oil at the end of your routine be a bad thing/ Or is it just like putting on any other facial oil at the end of your routine??

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