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I bought the Kenzzi IPL device (from because it was the one I’ve seen advertised the most, but also the most expensive. I’m still not sure if this IPL device is any more special than others on the market—especially after I found out it was shipped from China, likely from the same manufacturer as other IPL devices.

This was my first session with my Kenzzi device so it was just a first impression video. I will be doing a series of several Kenzzi videos as i go through this journey so you can see how it’s working for me! Stay tuned!

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  1. JustJess
    JustJess says:

    I just got mine..customer service is terrible… the company only communicates through email…you won’t hear back from them until a week later…

    I tried it out only underarms and face and legs …I kept it on level one ☝🏾 mainly because I black. I’m not sure if this works or not…but I’m gonna try to continue.

  2. Nad Bio
    Nad Bio says:

    I'm a new subscriber, you are just beautiful darling, me too i have the same problem of hair and i feel insecure with it, I hope you will do an update to see results, just keep going , kiss

  3. a
    a says:

    im just saying but i saw the EXACT kenzzi device for 40usd on taobao… its the exact same one and its manufacturer is the same and there are so many of the same device slapped with a different branding. they are literally selling it for 1000usd its insane….

  4. Angelica Ortiz
    Angelica Ortiz says:

    I like these videos,I hope you can upload more videos like this and see if it works,I have hormonal problems and l would like to see results from this machine.

  5. Anna Goritskaia
    Anna Goritskaia says:

    Thank you for sharing your school experience. I have been there! Question- how do you use gliding/auto mode? Do you keep that big button pressed all the time and glide? And it constantly zaps? Or there is a special switch to “gliding” mode? Thx a lot!

  6. Xiomi
    Xiomi says:

    I absolutely love your vibe♥️ so sorry to hear kids are assholes and bullied you. May I also add that you are beautiful!! Annndddd I also hate DHL!! They are the WORST. I’m from Chicago tooooo, had to add that in😂

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