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Hi guys! Here is my calming evening routine. I show you some of the things I do when getting ready for bed. Skincare, calming herbal drinks, sound healing, bedding, aromatherapy and more!


Products mentioned:
Botanica Lavender Moon Mylk:
Vain and Vine Sweet Dreams :
Harmonic Arts Golden Mylk:
Laird Turmeric Creamer:
Blue beautifly calendula cleansing oil:
Blue Beautifly Organic Chamomile Night Oil:
Rose hyaluronic serum:
Blue Beautifly charcoal mask:
Bilberry antioxidant Mask:
Pure Rose Mist:
Argan oil:
black castor oil:
Fitglow Night Lip Serum:

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49 replies
  1. Charlie Bond
    Charlie Bond says:

    Love how you said that you have been using the same things so you can be sure you finish them. So many people just buy whatever products they want and it makes so much waste. It's killing the environment and also often products will not work as well without consistent use. love you queen 👑

  2. Lisa Boudreau
    Lisa Boudreau says:

    Never have children. Lol my bed time routine is scrape weird stuff off the floor and hope to brush my teeth before I pass out. 🤣 You're routine is way better!

  3. Megan
    Megan says:

    I love watching your videos and I have been following you for many years now! Your healthy habits make me want to be a better person and take care of myself more 😇

  4. pear
    pear says:

    I've followed you for ages, but I think it's time to say goodbye. Too many sponserships. Every video is like that. Really ungenuine and just comes off as oppertunistic.

  5. Rosa May
    Rosa May says:

    for anyone reading this:

    you are beautiful
    you are amazing
    you are loved

    hope u have an amazing day
    ''no one is perfect thats why pencils have rubbers''

  6. Tassnem Mansour
    Tassnem Mansour says:

    Sarah hey ♡
    I want to ask you is it ok if i put little of apple vinegar with my shampoo in one bottle that would help me wash my hair with shampoo and apple vinegar in one step or it isn't good idea?

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