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Hey y’all! Today was my first session of #laserhairremoval on my Chin, Underarm, and Brazilian areas! I hope this video helps give y’all an idea of what the process is like. If y’all would like me to continue vlogging let me know!

Where I went:

Cost Breakdown:
– 6 sessions of chin and underarms for $75 on Groupon!
– Brazilian was an add on service for $50 a session

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8 replies
  1. Shy Shy
    Shy Shy says:

    I agree the Brazilian was not bad at all but I got full face and some coarse ass hair Chile my upper lip and chin hurt bad bcuz it was getting those hairs but it’s so worth it, I can’t wait to start seeing results I got mine dec 1st

  2. Lynn Lane
    Lynn Lane says:

    Necey, you’re so brave to film this. I’ve had my underarms, chin, belly (above bikini-line), upper lip and eyes brows done. I found the underarms, and upper lip were the most painful and the upper eyebrows and belly the least. I’d take 2 Advil’s 40 mins before my appointments, but I would still be wincing from the pain esp underarms. I did go to a laser facility that specialized in dark hair.

  3. Kayla
    Kayla says:

    Tfs! Looking forward to your updates! I've been getting my happy trail done for the past few months. Just started getting my chin done. Next on my list is Brazilian😊😊 I'm sooo over waxing at this point lol

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