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a vulnerable q&a: mental health, meditation, and moving on…

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  1. Jaguar Freedom
    Jaguar Freedom says:

    There are three main groups in society, the trinity in self segregation. Religion, science and metaphysics. The present choice of 'governments' predominantly is science. All three groups have much to learn. All three are opposed to the others mostly. I see you favour the metaphysics group. Science has desperately attempted to oppress and ostracise this group, as well as religion. If you don't believe me, talk to a GP about religion or spirituality, and view their response. See what happens when you post an article about health from the perspective of a non-science group. Why mention all this? Because science has the leash on most, and like hypnosis, the pied pipers who memorise and regurgitate have no understanding how to heal. Only diagnose disease. There is no such thing as mental health alone. For it is one part of a whole, and if other aspects of oneself are imbalanced.. the mind/spirit/masculine, known as mental, will also be. Because science science segregates rather than harmonising wholistically, it treats this element as a separate entity. If you were only made of two aspects, and focussed on remedying one side only, the see saw would invariably slump. There is only only wholistic health, evolving exponentially, or not. Notice how a butcher, I mean surgeon, will want to prod or even replace your heart, if they believe it is faulty, without any recognition of your emotions, psyche, other parts of your body and beyond. Tis the same ignorance for any other focus they have – segregate and get rid. May these catalyst seeds assist you bright and wonderful. 🙂

  2. Marília Santos
    Marília Santos says:

    There's no other youtuber like her tho, every youtube video makes me feel like other people are not different from me. She's just so down to earth, she's not that perfect youtuber and i love her for that

  3. karissa verayo
    karissa verayo says:

    hailey is SOOOO underrated and this has got to be one of my most favorite videos of hailey's! maybe im just an emotional person but i def teared up while watching this ahaha thank u hailey for always being so honest and allowing yourself to be vulnerable like this. love u sm and really looking forward to more of these sit down videos🤍

  4. Ojuolape
    Ojuolape says:

    As a medic, i just wanted to mention that also run breath-work by your physician especially if you have a history of respiratory or cardiovascular issues.
    Nice video, Hailey!

  5. İier
    İier says:

    9 children were martyred in Palestine. There are 24 martyrs in total.
    I try very hard not to cry.
    May Allah be Palestine's helper.

    collapse Israel
    Let me see your wreckage
    I spit in the face of those who call you homeland

    Necip Fazıl Kısakürek

    Don't let the sighs of children wearing shrouds instead of festive attire leave you alone in two worlds. Damn Israel


  6. lynn halabi
    lynn halabi says:

    i think this is my favorite video of yours, and i want to tell you the "what i eat in a day" videos are (for me at least) mostly for easy meal ideas and also because you're healthy but you dont pretend that its 100% and that you work out every single day. So its motivational while also letting ourselves be human and not judging and getting mad at ourselves for not always following our schedules completely or missing a work out or eating unhealthy from time to time. You're very real in your videos and social media that it makes us actually feel close to you so we actually start caring about you as though you were our friend. And I personally also enjoy all your videos because you're my age and we're sort of going through the same phases together so its interesting to see how other people deal with it and what they're doing. I'm really proud of what you've accomplished and grateful to be able to watch your content. Whatever changes you decide to make we'll still be here watching and enjoying it. Good luck with your citizenship test!

  7. problematic issues
    problematic issues says:

    görll kaslarını son üç dört haftadır fark ediyorum. 😜 it is obvious that there s a change! (even it looks little , looks coooool) Don t worry Eylülcümmm. ur biceps r much more visible now

  8. Rochelle Kwan
    Rochelle Kwan says:

    Please have a meet & greet when you're in London!!!! I've been following you since 2016, I live in the UK and you seemed almost fictional to me because you're located in the US and I've never been there! I would love to meet you. I love your energy, your content and your attitude towards life. You're like a big sister and a person I aspire to be <33333

  9. Valeria
    Valeria says:

    It had never bothered me when youtubers do ADs but this one is just the best one. Mental health is soooo important. Thanks u Hailey ❤️

  10. abby k
    abby k says:

    Love love love all of this. I want to watch videos about you and your passions, not an algorithms! Keep being you, Hailey, you've truly been my biggest inspiration 💕

  11. Anissa
    Anissa says:

    I also don't know why "what I eat in a day" videos are so popular. I guess if someone has a really good figure or is showing a particular diet it could be interesting, but the majority of them are just normal people haha

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