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Sutton Foster’s beauty philosophy is less about anti-aging face masks and zapping lasers, and more focused on aging gracefully and keeping it natural. The two-time Tony award-winner and star of ‘Younger’ isn’t interested in freezing time. In this episode of #GoToBedWithMe, Sutton breaks down her skincare routine for dry, sensitive skin.

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Producer: Kathryn Rice
Editor: Erica Dillman
Graphics: Erin Lux

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Younger’ Star Sutton Foster’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

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33 replies
  1. Harmony
    Harmony says:

    I’ve seen MANY comments on this video and others about Bunheads. All I have to say is ABCFamily/Freeform HOLD THAT L. They cancelled so many shows back then and it was so unnecessary lol. I remember petitioning on Twitter at that time like “bring back: bunheads, the lying game, jane by design, nine lives of chloe king, etcccc.”

  2. Maayan Sacks
    Maayan Sacks says:

    I would change your cleansing routine a little because you do not need a separate makeup remover for your face and under eye it's all skin and you can get a much cheaper makeup remover like neutrogena cleansing balm or the inkey list oat cleansing balm and then I would fallow up with a regular water based face wash to actually clean your skin also you dont need and eye cream just use your regular moisturizer under your eyes and it will still moisturize and if you have genetic eyebags no skincare is going to fix that

  3. Monalisa Singh
    Monalisa Singh says:

    She's almost exactly like how she's on the show! Oh I love her sense of humour with those expressions soo much! And I can really relate because I hate wearing makeup but love skincare a lot.

  4. Clarice C.
    Clarice C. says:

    Haven't seen 'Younger' or anything else Sutton has been in except for Sesame Street's episode with the "lever lover' song she sings (which I've watched too many times, as I have 3 kids), and that's the first thing I see whenever I see her face 😀

  5. Vieve
    Vieve says:

    No cleansers?! But that makeup residue!!😰 Get rid of those harsh pads, and swap them out for a nice doublecleanse, woman (i.e., go in with a cleansing balm, and then a gentle cleanser)!!🙌 Her dermatologist must be facepalming HARD at this video lol

  6. Tasha Juli
    Tasha Juli says:

    I love these when you get to feel like you’re watching the person’s actual routine. Not a bunch of sponsored stuff they got paid to talk about.

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