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This video is about my experience with at home laser hair removal on dark skin. I talk about the reasons why I wanted to try laser hair removal on black skin and I even show you a clip of my doing it to myself at home!


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Hi! My name is Andrea ! I am 25, located in New York City! I am a small YouTuber and lifestyle influencer with a passion for beauty, hair, fashion, and traveling. On my channel you will find a variety of beauty + lifestyle videos which include lots of CHIT CHAT GRWM, 3-IN-1 GRWM, GIRL TALKS, MAKEUP TUTORIALS, TRAVEL VLOGS, TRY ON HAULS, AND MORE! I am always open to video ideas and content recommendations, so leave me a comment down below, and don’t forget to subscribe! ♥️


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  1. Elena_Sunny Sunny
    Elena_Sunny Sunny says:

    Laser hair removal is safer and faster than IPL laser is concentrated light, so it focus on the hair, partly yeah on the skin, IPL is just intense light so its focus its on the whole area which is hair and skin, so theres more chances from burning if they were evwr on the same level

  2. Shani Guhad
    Shani Guhad says:

    This video made me buy the laser, but the company is shady. It has been 4 months now and i haven't received the laser nor did i get a refund. They stopped replying to my emails and i have no other way of reaching out to them. Has anyone else experienced this?

  3. Alexis N
    Alexis N says:

    This treatment literally burned my bikini area (my purpose for purchasing) and made my skin rough. When I tried to return the product, the manager literally emailed me and said “The product could be painful depending on your skin tone. Please check our skin chart.” What!?

  4. Sadae Sashington
    Sadae Sashington says:

    Btw I love your "cute ass robe." And I love your makeup please teach me how to do it 🙂💖.

    When you said you wouldn't do your bikini area why did a advertisement pop up with a woman getting her "area' treated by an at home laser? So weird

  5. Sadae Sashington
    Sadae Sashington says:

    I think I'm about your skin color And I'm tired of laser at home treatments not being available for people of color. I'm trying to see if this could be something I could use.. I need a down to earth 🌎 review about if this is for us or nah..

  6. Ankita Minhas
    Ankita Minhas says:

    Ipl isn’t ideal for dark skin tones. It can cause permanent scarring and damage to the skin. However, there are other ipl lasers that you can adjust for even more darker skin tones. You just have to search more.
    There are other options like yag lasers that are the best for all skin types and hair types but that can only be professionally done by a professional in a clinic. I don’t think there are yag laser devices for diys.
    Also this isn’t permanent hair removal. You hair will grow back only lighter and slower but it won’t completely stop the growth it will with overtime use definitely slow down the hair growth.

  7. Edobor Jacenta
    Edobor Jacenta says:

    I thought black girls couldn't get laser hair removal due to some wrong information but this makes me want to invest in a laser hair removal

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  8. Destiny J
    Destiny J says:

    Girl I just got mines and did it on my bare hand and got freaked out after the zap! Lord help me😭 I just wanna do my underarms and lip

  9. jhaz in hd
    jhaz in hd says:

    bought one of these from crystal skin co snd used level 3 on my leg and had one long strip of burn marks… and they ITCHED like crazy. i still have dark spots. so i dont go past level 2. 😭

  10. Leila M
    Leila M says:

    I don’t think it’s okay to support a brand that isn’t focused on everyone . I think our community should stick together on these types of brands that don’t care about ALL of us . I could be wrong maybe someone could update me on if they changed this . I was about to purchase this until I heard that our deep toned sisters couldn’t use this . I liked this video . I like you and I subscribed however ❤️

  11. Taylor Walker
    Taylor Walker says:

    Awesome! I purchased the same device from 🙏 SkinSteeze,com 💕 and would recommend it. I'm on my 8th session and I can definitely say it's effective and affordable.

  12. Katey Imari
    Katey Imari says:

    I was waiting for you to tell me the secret but I wasn't subscribed, but now I am!! Hey friendddd….I have the same chin issue… I hate having to tweeze every other day

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