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Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching my super easy polygel nail tutorial. If you enjoyed please be sure to leave a like, comment, and subscribe! ❤️

Link to nail covers:
Link to Gershion polygel kit:
Link to the UV/LED light I use:
Link to the nail drill I use:
Link to the primer and base coat I use:

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46 replies
  1. Ms BigMom
    Ms BigMom says:

    Another helpful tip is to gently file or rough up the nail covering on the side that goes onto the nail just as you do your natural nail. Helps with that staying power and to not lift.

  2. DM 888
    DM 888 says:

    Thank you Miss!!
    What is the name of the clear solution? Where can I find the short nails? I meant to ask, how long does these nails last?

  3. Pig Sty
    Pig Sty says:

    TYFS link/video – I never knew they made short covers/tips – I feel so bad when I cut the tips/covers down, such a waste, 'cause I prefer 'stubbies'.. 😛

  4. Blue Dreamerrell5050
    Blue Dreamerrell5050 says:

    I just stumbled onto your tutorial and I have 2 questions. Can you remove the nails if your using them as a substitute to dual forms? Can you do a tutorial of your removal with the covers? I found on Amazon both short and medium length nails. You are right they are the perfect no fuss size but I do not want to keep the covers on. Also if I keep the covers on, how can I remover them? What solutions do you use to remove them with? Sorry if I added questions but I really want to know before purchasing. Thank you

  5. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    This a great video tutorial and it looks beautiful! I’d like to understand the purpose of the tip not being popped off? Why not do a dual form this short?

  6. Ashley Nava
    Ashley Nava says:

    Love your videos ❤️ I've got a question. I've always loved for my pedi to match my mani. Is this at all possible with polygel? I do not want to use polygel on my toes. I would prefer just regular polish. Do they have any nail polish that matches any polygels? What do you usually do?

  7. marikie marie
    marikie marie says:

    Another tip! If you set aside extra polygel make sure its away from your light. Lol I had a clear container that was scraping extra polygel into and was going to make a mixed custom color later
    ….well it got cured in my pretty glass container. Ruined both. Oops

  8. Judith Naranjo
    Judith Naranjo says:

    Hi, there! I have a couple questions…can you buff the nails before applying the gel polish and how do you remove them? I just got the nail covers, very excited to get them done. Thank you, really love your channel. 🙂

  9. C M
    C M says:

    I'm a new subby. Great videos. What gave you the idea of using the soft gel nails instead of removing dual forms?

  10. Jaloney Norwood
    Jaloney Norwood says:

    Love the short nails ❣️, Question? Did you cure the nails after you gel them? You began to file and brush them , did not see were they were cure 🧐

  11. hibell
    hibell says:

    Are the nail covers still on your nails? You didn’t make any reference to putting your hands under the LED lamp, or removing the covers so you have me totally lost here.

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